I had a wonderful time in Oahu with my oldest daugher. Actually, she hardly acknowledged me as I was the dreaded chaperone mom. We had a few photo ops in front of the ocean but for the most part she lived it up with her best friends. I was glad she had the time of her life. I just enjoyed the view and eating fresh pineapple. 

 What was breathtaking were all the vibrant  colours that were everywhere. Hawaiian scenery is eye candy. The ocean was a gorgeous turquoise, the flowers and plants full of reds, pinks and vibrants oranges. The colours were inspirational, I vowed that when I got back I was going to add more colour to my home. I tend to stray to "safer" colours such as black and white when I decorate my home.  I find they are classic and predictable. But, without breaking the bank I hope to add pops of colour with accessories such as throw pillows and artwork around the house. 

This will require baby steps. 

One of my decorating idols is Jenny from The Little Green Notebook. She is like that girl in high school that you always wish you were brave enough to be. She uses such vibrant colours in her home and in her clients' homes. I hope I can be as brave as her. Time will only tell...

 Here are some photos I took on my trip that hope to inspire me.

Oh, by the way....

Come back Friday, I am excited to be announcing my very first giveaway!


  1. Oh boy, I am jealous. Those photos are gorgeous. I have never been to Hawaii. Looks beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hawaii....I'm so envious that you got to go! I love that turquoise color of the water and the colorful flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What beautiful photos! I'll be anxious to see your changes. Great inspiration! Lisa

  4. Sooo pretty! There is a foot of snow on the ground here...loved seeing these!!

  5. You know Barb... you could get some that that Hawaiian colour in your home by developing in a larger format, framing and hanging some of these wonderful, colour-filled photos! Love them!!

    My family lived in Hawaii for a year when I was a little girl... such great memories!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  6. I have been to Hawaii once, loved it. You have great pictures, which probably means a lot more expensive camera than mine. Thanks for looking at my pillows. Yes the ruffled ones are very trendy right now. That is why I splurged on that one. If you attempt to make one, good-luck. I am horrible at ruffling.


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