Love this!~

I am back, tanned and tired. I am feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done around the house, so many errands to be done. My husband held down the fort as best as he could, but what I want to know is didn't anyone water the houseplants? Apparently my son did but the dirt was bone dry - hmmmm...

Here is a post I wrote before I left but only had sporadic wi-fi access (love Starbucks just for that!) so I wasn't able to post anything.

One of my favourite reads is a blog authored by one talented gal, Jennifer Ramos, Made By Girl. I love her decorating style and would love to emulate her look in my home. I am attracted to the effortlessness she has going on. I love homes that don't reflect one style in particular but where people surround themselves with things that they just love, their homes then reflect their personality and don't become staged and showy.  Her home is inspiring and as well as her blog.  Not only does she have a successful blog she has a successful Esty shop where she sells her one-of-a-kind prints. I fell in  love with this one:

I couldn't of said it better than this. I think it would look fab hanging in my home office. 

My children are always telling me "Mom, I think you are addicted to coffee." I think they might be right. 

Hmmm.. mother's day is coming. 


  1. Welcome back Barb!
    I had to laugh about your son and the plants... same thing happened to me! I even called and asked, "have you watered the plants?" and he said, "Yes." When hubby and I got home, bone dry. The thing I don't understand is, when he fibbed about it, why didn't run to the watering can the moment he hung up the phone?!

    Very cute print! I hope you get it for Mother's Day!!

    Victoria @ DesignTies

  2. Welcome back Barbara! Hope you post some Hawaii pictures soon!

    Yes - we are definitley kindred blog spirits! I can't wait to see your AB quilt. . I'm sure it's just beautiful.

  3. You're adorable Barbara! I'd be excited too..and yes, I'd count it as a shout-out :)

    I'm having fun reading about your daughter's room makeover as I'm working on mine...your daughter's room is looking beautiful!



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