Heading on a jet plane........

So I am off today on my trip to the land of pineapples and luaus. 

Like I said don't shed any tears from me, I think I will survive ;)

I am gone for almost 2 weeks and am not sure if I will have time to post anything. Not only is my laptop not working, I am going to be chaperoning 13 teenage girls! They are mostly 15-16 years old and frankly quite a wonderful yet social bunch. There are only 3 boys going - poor guys have no idea what it is going to be like hanging around with all those girl! We are going to be training for track at the University of Hawaii.

 I am thrilled to be heading somewhere warm but will miss the rest of the family, my husband and 2 other children (along with our pets, Henry, Pip, Hop and Luna - dog, gerbils and snake) 
I will also miss my daily peeks at all my favourite blogs. Hope the hotel has Wi-fi or computers for our use so I can at least read my favs via my iPod. 

Aloha my friends, see you in 13 days!


  1. Jealous, Barbara... even though going with 13 girls might be hair-raising!!!

    Hope you have fun!
    BTW... I've been really enjoying your recent how-to posts. Keep up the great blogging!

    Victoria @ DesignTies

  2. Barbara - Hope you are having a wonderful time and enjoying the sunshine! Hawaii is such a beautiful place!

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