~Check This Out: Vintage Superhero Posters~

Odeedoh by Apartment Therapy is one of my favourite reads full of inspirational photos and products geared towards families with children. While the website focusses on the younger set, I can take ideas and tweak them for my growing-taller-by-the-day teens' and tween's bedrooms. I am trying to re-design my son's room and am avoiding the typical blue/red (something I started but want a change) or theme room. I want some personality injected into the room and as much as he would love to hang posters all over the place, because of my controlling design obsession I absolutely abhor posters hung up with sticky tac all over the room. He wants some cool posters and this weekend Odeedoh featured these amazing vintage-style superhero posters by Michael Myers. Framed and artfully arranged these would be perfect for his room, something both he and I could be pleased with.

How cool are these?

source: Odeedoh

I think I am going to track down at least one for my son's room (if they are reasonably priced)


  1. You're right, Barbara...these are awesome! I have several adult relatives that would LOVE these in their homes! Great art pieces!

  2. Very cute!! I love the vintage look of these posters, they would be so great framed. Thanks for sharing a really fun find :)


  3. Barb - These are great! I'm not going to lie. . I sort of want the Superman one for myself!

  4. LOVE the Superman and WonderWoman ones!! They're all great, actually... but my Son loves Superman (he's 22! Ha!) and it makes me think of him. And me? I'm WonderWoman!! Okay. I'm exagerating!

  5. Thanks for linking up to my blog roll!! Sorry it's taken me so long to stop by and say thanks. Busy busy!

    Let us know if you track them down, because my son would FLIP over those!! So cool.

  6. i love these too. Glad i found your blog! its fun!


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