~Chalkboard Walls~

While I am shopping around for furniture and deciding on paint colours for my daughter's room, I am considering painting a large chalkboard in her room. I am having a love affair with chalkboard walls lately and think it will give her room that teenage edge that she wants.  My daughter is constantly writing on her window and mirror with a dry erase marker, what better way to write messages to herself than a chalkboard wall? 

Chalkboard walls are everywhere, I have found them in blogs and in the pages of my favourite magazines. I love the modern vibe they give a space. Chalkboard walls could even be viewed as functional art with the images and messages on the wall constantly changing. I want one in my kitchen. A few houses back I had a door in the kitchen that I painted with chalkboard paint. Our family love writing silly notes to each other. It also helped me stay organized by jotting down the daily schedule.

Here are some of my favourites:

Isabella and Max Rooms

This isn't a chalkboard wall but you could use chalkboard paint to colour block a section of wall.

Source unknown but have it stashed in my tumblr files

Canadian House and Home

I am really drawn to this photo. I love the eclectic mix of modern (the chairs and chalkboard wall) with the old (the farmhouse table and chandelier) I can see myself enjoying my morning cup of coffee and reading the paper. 

Distracted again.....need to focus on the daughter's room!


  1. I love chalkboard walls...I have three "boards" in my house and wonder if maybe I've overdone it! But I just can't get enough. There is a great example of a chalkboard wall in a child's room in the Domino decorating book. Go for it! Can't wait to see it!

  2. There's a great bedroom with a chalkboard wall in Style At Home and on their web site:


    Love that wall from Isabella and Max -- the framed chalk words on the wall are cool :-)


  3. Barbara! Thanks for featuring my chalk board wall!! :) I'm still loving it ....and so is Toby! It's currently covered in airplanes and rockets...haha. The ever-changing wall!

  4. Go for the whole wall! I'm going to paint one of my kitchen walls in it, very soon. Be sure to use the latex paint so that it's easy to cover over when you have tired of it. I can't imagine a young girl ever "tiring" of it though :)

  5. Love the chalk board paint idea! I agree with you, it can help to organize or can be used as a place for impromptu art!! A bonus: black walls in general are really in right now so this fits into the trend!

  6. I love chalkboards and have one in my home office. You have to know though that they are really messy. I had a little ledge built which catches some of the chalk dust but some still ends up on the floor. We have hardwood, so it isn't too big of an issue but would be if you had carpet in your daughter's room. Would be interested to know if others have the same issue as me - or is it just me, e.g. the chalk we are using?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. To answer your question, Lonny is a free online magazine (a link is in my post.)

    Sorry for the long post!

  7. Every time I see great photos like the ones you've shared showing how great a room can look and function with a wall (or section of wall) painted in chalkboard paint I find myself bemoaning the fact that I don't really have any walls in my kitchen for this very fun treatment :-( I'll definitely wait impatiently until you share photos of what you in your daughter's room!!

  8. I've been wanting to find a place to create a chalkboard wall for sometime and these are great inspirations. I also have the butterfly pic on my tumblr but will add your post for future reference.

  9. I love chalk board walls, i painted a large one in my daughters room when she was 2. We then framed it out in trim and all the kids loved it! Good luck.


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