~Fabulous Find: Mirror~

This has been my lucky week for fabulous finds. 

I found this fantastic mirror in the clearance section of Homesense for $20.

 It is the perfect addition that will add the touch of glamour for my daughter's room. I wanted a starburst mirror but find this one more original. I love how there is the layering of two mirrors and the overlapping wires that give it the look of a flower. With her walls painted Stonington Gray, a tufted headboard, the mercury glass side lamp along with the thrift store lamp I re-vamped with silver leaf, her room will look elegant and grown-up, very fitting for a girl who is about to turn 16.

 Slowly I am collecting the accessories and furniture needed for her room, I have been enjoying the process and can't wait to put it all together. The challenge is to try to spend as little as possible and so far I have been finding bargains galore!

I have another find for her room that I found on Craigslist yesterday and am picking it up on Sunday which will require a coat of paint. Can't wait to show it to you.

Oh - remember how I was hoping and wanting me some chiang mai dragon fabric? 



I found a store that could order some in but {gulp} the price tag was a bit much, at $256 per yard I think I might just have to win the lottery!


  1. I just love the mirror- I've never seen one like it!!

  2. Great mirror. It's so rewarding when you find something special like that, especially at a good price. It's really an interesting mirror and from what you've described, will be perfect for your daughter's room.

  3. Get out! Seriously? $20!!! That mirror is beautiful! And I'm glad you've found a home for the lamp!

  4. What about some of the asian prints from IKEA? They certainly don't have the huge price tage.

  5. Love the mirror, yet another great find! Don't you love that...and even more so when the price tag is just right??

    PS. thanks for following my blog, I am now your latest follower!!

  6. Love the mirror, cant believe you got it so cheap. We all love a good bargain! I have a feeling the sunburst mirror is a bit played out anyways =)

  7. $20? Wow, that is right up there with my IKEA chairs. Her room is going to look so fabulous, what a lucky daughter.

  8. Gorgeous mirror. Really different! $256 a yard. YIKES!

  9. The fabric is on Ebay!! Still not cheap, but cheaper than $256/yd. And there are two cushions for 30BP:


    Love the mirror. From the sound of it, your daughter is going to have a gorgeous bedroom :-)



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