~Fabulous Find: Dining Room Table~

I have been on a blog hiatus for a bit - busy working, gardening, chaperoning another track trip to the US,



Which brings me to another fabulous find! 

We have been on the look-out for a larger dining room table for a few years but found paying over $1500 for a table a bit hard to swallow. I had been scouring Craigslist and hadn't found what I was looking for. I stumbled across an ad last week for a wholesale/custom furniture builder who was clearing out inventory. This past fall I saw the ad and helped my sister buy a table, 6 chairs and a gorgeous sideboard for about $1200. All the furniture is made from a solid Brazilian hardwood. Regretfully I hadn't purchased a table in the fall and was kicking myself until his ad popped up again in the local paper. He only had 2 left and the one I really liked had a few dings but for $400 I could live with them! It is a 7 foot long table and with 2 extensions extends to 9 feet. We now can have family and friends over to eat without bumping elbows. 

What I love is that I can move our "old" dining table, which is an old library desk from the 20's, into the kitchen and FINALLY be rid of the cheap Ikea table that my kids have had fun engraving with their pencils. I love it when one new furniture addition helps re-decorate 2 spaces.

Our old table - now in the kitchen.

Yahoo - this old baby is out the door! (Oh and I am still looking for kitchen chairs and think I found the "ones" - at Target)

New table - sorry for the grainy photos, I didn't take the time to edit them.

Aren't those sexy legs?

Now I need more chairs and need to re-paint the sideboard. I am thinking of  painting it white along with the bookcases you can see in the photos. There is way too much black/dark wood in this room and in combination with the room facing north it gets little direct light, I need to lighten things up. Or I just might actually make slipcovers for the chairs. 

Just more things to add to the to-do list! 

I have yet another fabulous find to share that I found for the daughter's room - I was in a real shopping mode last week. 


  1. Great find. I like your idea to add white to the room. Black is nice, but a little can go a long way when you don't get a lot of natural light.

    BTW, we had a similar kitchen table that we had stored in our basement. I painted it white and it's now the desk in my home office. I remembered seeing a white desk at Pottery Barn that looks very similar. I still need to get a piece of glass cut for the top, but the white paint made a huge difference.

  2. The table is beautiful, so large. I really do like the legs on it! Congratulations.

  3. Beautiful, Barbara! Looks great in the room!

  4. Love the dining table you found!! And those are some sexy legs :) I am on the hunt for a dining room table as well, and I think I have finally found one for only 500 bux. I'll post pics as soon as I get it! Can't wait to hear about your other find for your daugther's room!

  5. Great find, Barbara! Yes the legs are sexy, but I like the top of the table too... kinda makes me think of "rustic-yet-refined" boards. As for painting your sideboard... maybe. But I think the better option would be to slipcover your chairs in a fantastic fabric. Just a thought...

  6. Ohhh, that is nice! Do you still have the add? I know someone who is looking for something just like this. Nice find!

  7. Love your blog. I was just reading your laundry room reveal post and it has totally inspired me to do my own finally. Awesome dining room table find!

  8. Hi there! I came over via Stephanie's blog (the comment above mine).

    I love that table. I'm into having all my furniture be darker or black lately. Maybe it's so I can disguise all the crayon and markers that are sure to come.

    Fun and encouraging blog!



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