~Happy Easter~

April 3, 2010

Wishing everyone a relaxing long weekend. 
Us Canadians get Monday off too -tee hee.

Czech easter eggs that my mom has collected for me. The one with the flower was always my favourite as a child. Now it is mine. I had more but...

my dog decided to eat a few last year.


  1. LOL! I loved the surprise ending of this post! My dogs have taken care of a few of my holidays decorations in the past, too! Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Very pretty eggs!! My dog has destroyed a thing or two around my home as well, I totally understand!

  3. Funny puppy! They find a way into just about anything, those rascals!! I love Czech/Ukrainian Easter eggs. I have a wonderful memory of making some with my Mom (nope; not Czech/Uk). You can get electric wax nibs now, but when we made them we used the kind of nib that you held over a candle flame... and the bees wax smelled sooo good! Such fun! Thanks for reminding me of this time with my Mom :-)

  4. These are beautiful and put my easter eggs this year to SHAME! I'm a Lower Mainland blogger too so it's fun to have come across your blog....I'll be back :)


  5. Hi again Barbara :-)
    I hope you drop by DesignTies soon... we're having a giveaway that honours and supports a very important cause ~ raising funds for cancer research. We'd love for you to help us spread the word about the campaign and our giveaway!!


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