~Off to the Candy Shop~

Going to the paint store is like going to the candy store. 

You might be thinking I am not all well in the noggin' but I can't help it. I love paint. Even as a child I loved to tag along with my dad to the now defunct Lumberland. While he was searching for materials for his latest project I hung out in the paint section to collect paint chips that I fancied. 

Yesterday I visited the local Benjamin Moore store to find some inspirational colours because I am itching to paint a wall or two. Even though we are renting I have painted the walls in the house to suit our taste. I am bored with some of the rooms and what better way to spice things up is with paint!

 My goal is to finally finish all the kids rooms before summer. I am not happy with the colour on my son's wall and neither is he, and my daughter chose an apple green when we moved in and I am not feeling it. 

I think I may have worn her down to let me paint it a grey. She said that I can change the paint colour as long as I finally finish her room. You see I am really good at procrastinating and have yet to find/build her a desk and upholster a headboard. 

The colours I have narrowed down are  a blue-gray, Stonington Gray or  beige-gray, Edgecomb Gray, by Benjamin Moore. In my sons' room I think I going to go with Stonington Gray. I like the blue undertones and think it will go well with his furnishings. 

Here is a room in Stonington Gray

Don't you love how clean and classic this rooms looks? I love how the white looks so crisp and black visually grounds the space.

 My daughter wants hot pink accents and that is where this room by one of my favourite Canadian designers, Samantha Pynn, is an inspiration. Also painted, I think, with Stonington Gray

Here is a room painted in Edgecomb Gray, it is a like a "greige" and am not sure how well it would work with fuschia accents.


This is a glimpse of her room now. I think the gray will make it look classic and grown up. 


  1. I can't wait to see the finished rooms. Ben Moore paint is definitely my favorite. Happy painting!

  2. Your daughters room will look fantastic in the edgecomb gray, especially with the fushia accents!

  3. I am really starting to love gray too, and plan to re-do a bedroom with it. Such a great neutral and just makes other items stand out!

  4. I absolutely love grey :-) At the PPG info session on Wednesday, there was a lot of talk about grey -- it's a hot colour right now :-)

    Our kitchen cabinets are Edgecomb Grey. It looks great with the red accents in the room, so I'm guessing it'll work with pink in your daughter's room :-)

    I love that Samantha Pynn makeover. I used the gallery wall she designed as inspiration for the gallery wall in our hallway.

    I haven't used Stonington Grey, but I've heard a lot of good things about it.

    Have fun painting & decorating!!



  5. Lord knows I am in love with grey! My whole house is various shades of it. I love the Edgecomb grey. My favorite Benjamin Moore grey right now is Revere Pewter, it is a bit of warmer grey which is nice.

  6. I too have not used Stonington Grey, but I have used Edgecomb grey and I think it is a nice grey. A BM grey that I used in my bathrooms that is quite light and airy with NO beige-yness to it at all is Barren Plain. The walls in my living room are a darker and more purple-y grey called BM Escarpment (maybe too dark for what you are looking for but I imagine it would look awesome with fuchia accents!). I can't wait to see you daughter's room complete, I am sure she will really enjoy it!

  7. Hi there!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment =)

    I really like all the colors you picked, and I have often noticed how good reds and hot pinks look with beige (with _yellow_ undertone).

    Hot pink often looks a bit cool if has a lot of blue in it, so it's a gamble against gray. Okay, that's what I think anyways =)

    HAve a great day! I'll be back for more soon, and I've added Hodge:Podge (LOVE the name!) to my blogroll =)



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