The fabric I showed you last week has been whipped up into pillows!

 I am loving the pattern combination.

I made 5 pillow covers, for 4 pillows, just in case my teenage client wants to change things up. I might try to convince them to purchase a fifth pillow insert. I like all of the patterns together.

The pillow inserts aren't down, which I would of preferred, but she has allergies. Her mom went out and purchased great inserts at a local design/fabric centre.

My client also had this huge body pillow she wanted to keep that was originally covered in a lime green fleece. She insisted on this Britten Hus fabric from Ikea {which her mom and I loathe, not the pattern but the cheapness of the fabric} But I think it looks fabulous with all the other pillows. We shall see how long it lasts with repeated washings.

Stubborn teenagers!

Next up is to find a grey paint that will complement her room, she wants a grey striped accent wall behind her bed. I hope that once she sees all the pillows, mixed in with her bedding she'll realize that the walls look best plain. She is in a fine arts school so we are collecting art work to frame and hang as a gallery wall behind her bed. I think that will give her room that personal bang it needs!

This weekend I deliver the pillows!

 Finally making some headway on this room.

XO Barbara


  1. Just whipped them up! You are amazing. Working with teenagers is so refreshing. They keep it real, know exactly what they 'think' they want, how they want it, and don't hesitate to tell you. And what I love is how it's based on their raw likes/dislikes. Tailoring that is the challenge, yet the greatest achievement when it's all said and done! So looking forward to the reveal :-)

  2. Love all of those fabrics together! I'm excited to see more. I've been working on something for the basement, and have enough fabric left over for some throw pillows... so may have to start those soon! Looking forward to seeing more Barbara! :)

  3. Yes, the fabrics work so well together - bold and punchy! Can't wait to see the room when finished.

    1. Forgot to mention. I have a lot of clients with allergies as well and there is a synthetic down product that mimics the real thing really well - my sewing workroom has it. I'm sure if you called round you could find it - think it's called kapok or something like that.

  4. Love all the fabrics together! I agree, I think the stripes would take away from the artwork on the gallery wall. Good luck!!

  5. Looking Good Barbara.. I love that you can just "whip up" some pillows!! that little talent would probably cost me a lot of money if I had it :)

  6. looks great! I agree, they will all look so wonderful together. Can't wait to see the room once done!
    I'm working on my little one's room right now. I just did grey horizontal stripes in his little closet nook if you want to check it out. I agree with the vision you have though for this room that the plain wall will probably work best to showcase her fine art skills.


  7. WOW Great job Barb! I love the graphics of the last pillow but I know how hard it is to put all that work into cheap (not hardy) fabric..been there and won't go back!
    She is one lucky lady to have such support on her side! Great mom Great designer!
    Crazy about the yellow chevron!

  8. Lookin' Good! I really do like the graphic of the last pillow, too bad the quality is not the best...maybe it will surprise you in the end? Can't wait to see how you've "whipped up" the rest of the room! :)

  9. Looks great Barb, as always :) Hopefully the teenager does develop a taste for the "better" fabrics, but in the end if she likes it than so be it :) Good luck with the plain wall idea...

  10. Looking good Barbara! The gallery wall sounds like a great idea - can't wait to see the finished room. Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Oh my goodness child! Rest your hands before going on with my silly blind!!!! You must be cross eyed by now. Ya got some nice lookers there though. Soon you'll start talking to your pillows. :-)

  12. The pillows look terrific; patterns, colours and all!! Great work Barbara :-)


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