Stripes & Crooked Stripes

Most of you know that I have a thing for stripes, especially black and white stripes. So with the power of Pinterest, I created a board where I can collect any stripey inspiration that comes my way! 

Have any of you succumbed to the power of Pinterest? It is so amazing. For someone who is visual like me, it is a fabulous resource to catalogue any pretty or idea that comes my way.

Here are a few beauties that have caught my eye!

Hello? Where have you been all my life? 
Gorgeous entry that was featured on Apartment Therapy.

{Source unknown but got this image from Amber Interior Design. If anyone knows that source, please let me know!}

What could be more perfect, a striped wall and gallery wall together?


Stripes just make these muffins look so much better.

Nothing better than a striped headboard.

{Jessica Waks - Style at Home}

Sigh...need I say more?

{Designer: Tommy Smythe, Photo: Angus Fergusson, via House and Home}

And fabulous chevron drapes in a house designed by my favourite designer, Tommy Smythe!

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What have your been pinning lately?

XO Barbara


  1. lately i've been addicted to gold and brass...

  2. I'm loving the chevron wallpaper in that first picture. It's a bold look with that gold mirror. Perfect for making a statement in the entry way of a house! Thank you for sharing these!

  3. I love stripes too! I really want to do a painted stripe set on my wall, thanks for some inspiration.

  4. i haven't become addicted to pinterest...yet. i'm afraid i would get nothing done. :) i have an account and it is calling me...don't know how much longer i can resist.

  5. Oh I missed those cupcake holders on pinterest. I am going to see if I can find them and order them. You know you are I are together with the stripes.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  6. Oh my!! Barbara...this is my weekness too. Love your alternate name for chevron..."Crooked Stripes". I like :D I think this should catch on ;)

  7. Whenever I see b&w stripes i immediately think of you:) What are your thoughts on the new trend toward painting crooked or uneven stripes?

  8. This stripe-y goodness is so "you". I am so jealous that you have honed your style to the point where I see things and think of you. So does Carol, it seems :)

  9. Love a good black and white stripe...that foyer with the dark stairs is amazing...also adore the wing chairs and settee!!!

  10. wonderful examples...I cannot see a stripe now and not think of you!
    I truly can see why you are smitten with them! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Love that entryway and those drapes!

  12. I love stripes too! So stylish and works so well for both boys and girls! Totally crazy about that gilded mirror on that chevron wall, that pair of wing back chairs in mod black and white chevron, and how could we not love that room designed by the talented Tommy Smythe?

    Can't wait to see how you use stripes and chevrons in your new project!

  13. Those stripes DO make the muffins look so much better! love the navy and white - such a classic combo.

  14. I have an insane obsession with stripes. Painted thick graphic black and white striped in my sons nursery! Anything I do lately I want to do with stripes involved. so much goodness!!
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  15. When ever I see stripes I think of you Barbara ;-)
    Lovely finds for your Pinterest boards!!

  16. Those two big chairs are amazing!! Great pictures :)

  17. I want to redo my wing backs in black and white chevron! I love it!

  18. Love Pinterest... what did we do without it?! And yes, like Victoria, whenever I see black and white stripes, especially Chevron, I think of you! :-)

  19. It's funny ....... you're all about the stripes and I love the contrast of the black & white. Although I think I O.D'd on stripes in my wardrobe. You know that show "What not to wear"? Well, I'm the girl that migrates to the same thing in the store all the time ....... STRIPES!!!!

  20. me all these images. I have always been a fan of Tommy. I think he has always had the ability to give that little eclectic vibe to Sarah Richardson that makes her spaces more interesting to me.
    Right now I seem to pinning a lot of symmetrical rooms and I am on a bookshelf bend as well. I hope SOPA does not cause problems for Pinterest!

  21. Be still my heart.....loving these stripes.....


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