Monday, Monday and a Great Read

How was your weekend?

As usual we experienced liquid sunshine here on the "wet" coast, when not at the soccer field or hockey rink I stayed snuggled up by the fire.

What I enjoyed the most was catching up reading the amazing collection of online ezines that are published, my favourite House of Fifty didn't fail to disappoint.

Janell has really created a niche in the ezine world and I look forward to when the magazine arrives in my inbox.

My favourite article was Home Sweet Rental -

As a renter I have embraced the home I live in and the limitaions of renting. The article shares invaluable design tips: add colour, add storage, mix high with low

Love, love, love this article and all the inspirational images!

Thanks for the inspiration Janell and team!!

XO Barbara


  1. Thank you for sharing our new issue of HOF mag with your readers today Barbara, glad you enjoyed!! Janell

  2. I agree, it's incredibly well done, I need to find a few quiet minutes to take in the new issue, only had a quick peek!

  3. Your growing knowledge and experiences with decorating a family rental home on a budget totally qualifies you to write an article like this for a magazine... they need to call you! ;-)

  4. What perfect timing for you to post this!!! I was up at 5:00 am this morning due to lack of sleep for some reason so I was able to catch up on blogs and take in this latest issue. Thank you!!!

  5. When I read in the introduction that she would be featuring making rental spaces your own. I thought of you immediately and thought you should have been featured. Your creative ideas on making the space your own are so wonderful!

  6. I am soooooo far behind on my magazine reading, both print and online. I'm still working on issues from last August, believe it or not!

  7. Loved this article to! There are even helpful hints for those who aren't renting but don't want to fork out too much money!

    PS. I had to come over here and say a HUGE THANK YOU! You are the MOST supportive blog friend ever. I appreciate all of your comment support lately, every time I see your name it makes me smile :) Sorry that I have been so busy to comment here but today I just had to make an effort to get over here and say hi. I'll be handing in a rough draft of my written thesis on Monday, scary!! I officially defend my thesis orally on April 10th. Lots to do/study before that day!!! Pray for me :) Big hugs,

    Nancy xo


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