{So Canadian, eh?: First Time Fancy}

This week we have another amazingly talented...

She is a talented up-and-coming-designer to-be that has worked magic on her home!
I have enjoyed following her renovation journey. 
Lately, she has picked up the pace on re-doing rooms in her home as the nesting instinct has kicked in with a baby on the way.
I expect a fantastic nursery in the near future!


Welcome Kerry from First Time Fancy!

1.  Tell us a bit about yourself? Your education background, is it in art or design? 

I’m just a girl in my mid-twenties searching for what I love. My first go-round with post secondary education included four years at Carleton University in Ottawa, studying Mass Communications. I always thought I wanted to get into advertising, and once I was there I found out I was wrong. After we bought our home in July of 2009 I realized that my love really was in home renovations and decorating. Last spring I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a continuing education course, at Humber College in Toronto, to gain a certificate in Interior Decorating and I am loving every single second of it! I can’t wait to find out where this new path leads me.

2. What inspires you and your blog? Why did you start a blog?

I originally started the blog as a way to document the changes we made to our fixer upper home, specifically for all of our family and friends who live far away. From it’s small beginnings, I continue to be inspired by our work as well as that of other designers, decorators and of course bloggers. I truly do find inspiration everywhere though, magazines, television, others homes, and yes nature as well.

3. What is the goal of your blog? What are your hopes and dreams for your blog and where it may lead?

With a long-term goal of getting into the interior decorating business, I hope that my blog will continue to allow me to connect with and inspire like-minded individuals, as well as showcase my talents and projects. I think that where I would like to go with my blog is something that I need to explore a little further. Right now I’m just enjoying sharing what we do, and meeting new wonderful people.

4. What have you enjoyed about blogging, what has surprised you along the way?

What I love most about blogging are all of the wonderful people I have met. I wouldn’t say I’m surprised really, but I love the support of the blogging community and I am so grateful for all of the friends I have made through this creative outlet (both virtual and the ones I have met in real life!).

5. If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?

Questions like this have always been hard for me, and I don’t think I could ever pinpoint exactly why. Off the top of my head, do you believe me that no one in particular comes to mind? In general, I just absolutely love meeting new people. I’m so open to people’s thoughts and experiences and find inspiration and new ways of thinking with each new person I come across and meet.

6. Is there anything, an accomplishment, project or event that you are most proud of?

Our basement renovation has to be far the project I am most proud of in our home, and the basement bathroom in particular is my favorite. It was the first major project that we tackled, and we learned a lot along the way. The transformation was huge and our bathroom always gets a big “WOW” from family and friends when they first see it. If we can get that kind of reaction with our first big renovation, I am confident that we can continue to get better with what we are doing.

7. Do you feel that Canadians have a unique sense of style, a unique way we approach the decorating of our homes?

I’ve never given much thought to the style of “Canadians” as a whole. I guess it’s a hard thing to define and put into one category since we’re such a large and diverse country. I would however like to think that for the most part we are people who are becoming much more aware of green technologies and renovation / decorating options. It’s hard not to be aware of the environment and the planet when we live in such a beautiful and diverse country.

8. How do you balance blogging, your family and your work? Any tips for us women out there? I know you are expecting {congratulations} what are your plans and/or hopes with trying to balance blogging, work, etc?

Right now I try to keep blogging simple for myself, especially since I truly enjoy it. I used to push myself really hard to get content up every single day, and now I’m realizing that sometimes something has to give, and that will not be my relationship with B, my full-time job OR my health. So I try to blog in the evenings when I’m sitting down with B, and I often try to write posts and schedule them in advance, it helps to do if I have the time so I’m not rushed later.

At this point I haven’t got so far to think about how I will balance baby and blogging once the little peanut arrives. I know that there will be an adjustment period, so I am hoping that I will have some time to write a few posts in advance and have some guest posts help me out for a bit. I’m open to any suggestions from those who are trying to balance being a new mom and blogging (I’ll be taking a full year mat-leave, so I’m not even thinking about how I will balance work, baby and blogging… I’ll cross that road when I get to it).

Thanks Kerry for giving a peek into your life! Can't wait to "meet" your baby. We are also dying to see what wonderful things you will have up your design sleeve!

XO Barbara


  1. Thanks so much for including me in this wonderful series Barbara! I really enjoyed answering your questions... and I'm flattered by your sweet words! :)

    I'll definitely be sharing some baby / nursery related design decisions soon! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  2. Love Kerry's home & blog!! Can't wait to see what you do next Kerry!!

  3. Kerry is such a talented interior designer and she's not even finished school yet! I can't wait to see her little bundle of joy!

  4. Amazing transformations! Love the green details in the bathroom, it's so fresh and fun!

    xo Linda

  5. I've loved watching Kerry transform her home so far and can't wait to see all the amazing things she does. Great interview Kerry and as always, love this series Barbara!

  6. So fun!! I love Kerry. She's wonderful. Can't wait to see her baby's room soon (:

  7. I wasn't familiar with Kerry and her blog until now - I have to head over to First Time Fancy and find out more about that fab green bathroom!

    Thanks for the introduction to another talented Canadian blogger :-)

  8. great interview and I love that gorgeous pop of green in her bathroom! :)

  9. Great interview, Barabara. Kerry is a sweetheart and I love her blog :)

  10. Lovely interview! I always love reading more about the people behind the blogs, Kerry is so talented and I can't wait to see her baby's room. Another awesome series installment!!
    Nancy xo

  11. I love the Before & Afters! I will definitely have to check out her blog. = )

  12. Awesome Canadian post as always Barb. It's so nice to see more from our talented Canadian counterparts:)...Carol

  13. Awesome interview! Kerry is such a talented person!
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