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Remember a week ago I shared with you my chair painting woes?

Well, the chairs are sanded, re-primed and painted.
I am pleased with how they turned out. I upholstered one of the chairs with the black and white striped fabric I bought from Ikea but am not sure I like it. Since the paint is a crisp white, it makes the white in the fabric look "dirty".

My dilemma is:  do I repaint the chairs with a more creamy white {but spray paint colour selections are limited} or do I recover the seat with a different fabric or repaint the chair black?



It is hard to tell in the photos, {dark and rainy out} but do you see how the white in the stripe is a bit more yellow?
 Now sure I like it, what do you think?
My daughter suggested I cover the seat in the same fabric as her headboard, hmmm...

Or maybe a different fabric? 

After a bit of searching, I came across Premier Prints that carries the most amazing fabrics AND you can't beat the price of $9.99/yd for most fabrics!

Loving this:

{my favourite}

{I am a sucker for paisley}

Since I have two chairs, one has gone in the eldest daughter's room as you can see above. The other will go in her sister's room BUT she was adamant she didn't want black and white fabric on the seats. She wants more colour injected in her room. Inspired by her painting {the painting on the right in photo}, which was inspired by some Amy Butler fabric I had in my fabric bin, we are going to spice up her room with turquoise, yellow and brown.

Adding colourful turquoise and yellow accents will spice up the black furniture, white diamond tufted headboard {yes, photos are coming - just waiting for this never ending rain to stop!} and her African Violet walls.

Here are some fantastic Amy Butler fabrics I have found:

Now the fun part, choosing the right fabric and sewing!

Also CSN has once again offered me a chance to review a product, which I am excited to do. CSN is an online store that carries everything from pendant lighting to the kitchen sink. Looking forward to shopping!

XO Barbara


  1. You know. When I purchased the Ikea fabric, I also noticed that when placed against white it looks dingy. I thought perhaps my vision was slowly fading.

    It may be easier to recover the seat rather than paint the entire chair over again.

    I am sure what ever you decided will be quite pleasing to the eye.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. The chair looks great(!), but I can see what you mean with the not-so-white stripe :-(

    As for covering the seat in the rasberry? Don't because it'll stretch and leave a bumm print! ;-) Of the fabrics you've posted, I like the one you've listed as your favourite; looks like a kind if ikat. I'm wondering, though = won't you be faced with the same issue with the white?? Why not find a print with rasberry in it?

    J's room - loving the 1st or 3rd option :-) Will her chair be white, or will you paint it a colour? You could more directly relate the wall colour to the space by painting the chair violet... just a thought!!

    Have fun!!

  3. I don't know what I think, but I just wanted to say I love all those fabrics! They make me giddy.. I just love them all! The red on your daughters headboard is incredible!

  4. I love all your turquoise options...but then again I love anything that's turquoise.

  5. Is the paint color blossom white on the chairs or heirloom white? That would help the direction that you go. I think the 4th black and white fabric is wonderful!!

    For you daughters room I love all the fabric's... so hard to choose.

  6. For the black and white I LOVE the paisley! For the purple room my favorite is the first one! I had purple walls when I was growing up, and once I moved to college my parents painted it back to a boring beige. :( Sad times.

  7. I'd go with another fabric on the chair. Love the first and fourth black and white fabrics.

    Can't wait to see your daughter's room done in African Violet :-) I think the last colourful fabric you posted would be fresh and fun in her room :-)

  8. When I have a furniture piece that I think looks too white, I take a DAMP cloth and dip it in a TINY amount of beige-y paint and then lightly wipe it over the white. Put tape on the edges of the fabric where you're worried about it touching. I LOVE the stripes.

  9. Well first off I have to say that I"m totally impressed with the transition Barb ! Wowza. So, is the fabric a little too yellow or is this going to happen with all the black and white fabric. I love the look and if you can replace the seat cushion with another b&w I'd do that. LOVE all those fabrics for the other bedroom.
    I just bought a chair today so I need you to help advise me with upholstery tips (after I finish your dresser:)

  10. I love all the other fabric choices so maybe the easiest would be to recover the seat than repaint. But it's going to look fab whatever you decide! :)

  11. What a choice, you found some good ones. I love the black and white though, if you could find a white that works.

    BTW, I had that same paint issue when I was spray painting a pair of lamps last year. Maddening, isn't it?


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