My Fabulous Win!

I have had a string of luck these past few weeks, winning a few giveaways. 

I won the Domino Book of Decorating from Marcus Design, gorgeous hand knitted tea towels from Hare Styling and now beautiful original photographic art from local photographer and blogger, Tracey Ayton Photography.

Notice these are all fabulous Canadian blogs?

 Can't wait to hang this gorgeous piece in my games room

 {which is still a work in progress, ok, it's at a standstill but measured my SUV and the Ektrop loveseat will fit!}

You need to visit Tracey's blog and website. She is one talented photographer. Her interior photography is amazing.

Here are some of her photos.

But you will have to wait to read more about her as she has agreed to be a guest in my "So Canadian, eh?" series!

XO Barbara


  1. Congrats and thanks for the intro to such a talented photographer- her work is lovely!!

  2. Beautiful photography. It's so lovely.

  3. Fabulous!! The photos are lovely! Always so fun to find a new Canadian blogger :) (I'm a new follower here as well!)

  4. Congrats on all the wins!! You may want to play the lottery ;)

  5. @Wallpaper, bought a ticket for the $50million, sadly I didn't win. I'll stick with giveaways!

  6. You have been on a roll for sure Barb. Keep it up. I love Tracey's work. Can't wait to work with her.

  7. Amazing photos, Can't wait to learn more about her in your SCE series. And congratulations on all your winnings, you should really play the lottery with your luck ;)

    xo Linda

  8. Ok, so I need to hang out with you more so that this good luck will rub off on me :) Can't wait till you can flip through your book, I will email you asap!!
    Nancy xo

  9. The photo of the typewriter is breath-taking not to mention the fact that those blueberries look perfectly delicious. :) Great use of depth of field and focus in Tracey's work. Thanks for sharing!

    *Tania @

  10. Lucky girl. You are always winning giveaways!


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