{my weekend}

My sweet sister managed to get us some really cheap tickets to the BC Home and Garden show that took place this past weekend at the Vancouver Convention Center. We were privileged to have received tickets from these two talented ladies, Pam and Elke from Botanus, who sit on our community garden board with my sister. It is the same garden where I met Jodi of Simply Inspired Home

The BC Home and Garden show was a bit disappointing. I had hoped for more designers, home furnishings, etc. It really catered to the man of the home with lots of trades selling their roofing supplies, paving stones, greenhouses, hot tubs, flooring, builders, with a few small eco friendly sellers mixed in.

As we were wandering around I heard some familiar voices and as we headed toward the main stage, we came upon Colin and Justin, the Scottish dynamic design duo that are currently living in Canada. They are the hosts and designers behind the design show on HGTV Canada "Colin and Justin's Home Heist" where they makeover homes desperate for a new look with flair and a budget that the average person can handle.

They were hilarious, talking about their spray tan fiasco, how they met Debbie Travis, making fun of Canadian underground basements, our love of big freezers and hideous appliances! They showed amazing before and after photos of a few projects they tackled on their show and gave tips on how to re-do a space without spending a fortune.

After walking around a bit more, enjoying the garden booths I decided to drag my sister to meet Colin and Justin. We were lucky as we were the last 2 people that got to meet them! They were just as funny in person.

{my cute pregnant sister}

{The debonair duo}

With the exception of my painting projects going wrong, I had an exciting and busy weekend.

How about you?

XO Barbara


  1. A fellow Vancouverite :) Loving your blog! FOLLOWING!

    Becky :)

  2. looks like fun!! I went to a J & C show before - what entertainment!

  3. I saw Colin & Justin at the Home Show a few years ago and really enjoyed them!! And of course they're uber talented!! Very cool that you and Sis got to meet them!!

    As for the boring-ness of the Home Show... that's been my experience in the past, and that's why I didn't go this year.

    I'm definitley looking forward to IDS in the fall though!!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time- I'd love to meet them- they just seem like such a fun pair!! Great photos! xo

  5. They would be so much fun to hang out with for an evening wouldn't they? Glad you got to meet them.

  6. So fun! I have never met them but they seem like genuine, fun guys - spray tans and all!

  7. That must have been really fun to meet them, they seem like genuine people!! I went to the Home Show this weekend as well and I was dissapointed! I'm sticking to IDS for next year!
    Nancy xo

  8. Congrats Barbara! You won the dishcloths on my blog giveaway :)

    Email me your mailing address so I can send these to you.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.
    Hare Styling


  9. That's so great! You look so great next to Colin and Justin. Your sister looks wonderfully pregnant!! I haven't seen her for awhile....

    Jodi ( The Simply Inspired Home)

  10. So nice to see a fellow Canadian blogger! Will definitely keep reading!

  11. wow..I am marvelling at the tan on Justin! whoa! They are so funny and really talented guys. Loved your post.

  12. Wow ..those two boys are looking fierce!
    Sorry the show was disappointing!

  13. Sounds like a fun weekend - even if the show was geared toward the man of house!

    Happy Friday Barbara!


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