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This week I managed to start to paint my lovely thrift store chairs I found last week while thrifting with Carol from The Design Pages. They are gorgeous cane back chairs made from solid wood.  I am spray painting them Blossom White by Rustoleum and upholstering the seats.

But...yesterday I had a setback.

I am not happy. 

They are coming into the house to cure in a warm dry environment and then I will have to sand, prime and paint again.

 I sent out a tweet on Tuesday asking for an opinion for an upholstery choice:  "black velvet or black and white stripes"? It was unanimous. Black and white stripes won but what solidified the deal was a tweet from Margot Austin.

 Yes, THE Margot Austin of Style at Home fame!

 Margot Austin 

@ I vote B&W stripes!

So the same fabric that is going on this chair {which is still a work in progress}.

Is going on these lovelies.


a big thanks for Hare Styling {another talented Canadian}

for featuring my "A Little Bling" project on her blog.

Thanks Melissa!

So what projects do you have planned for this weekend?

BTW: Don't forget to enter my $50 gift certificate with Novica!

XO Barbara


  1. So glad you are going with the stripes and those chairs, yum yum. Can't wait to see them!!

  2. Oh the stripes are wonderful!...Can't wait to see the finish!

  3. Love the stripes.. so fun that Margot tweeted you! :)

  4. I think the stripes are a great choice! :)

    Aside from some school work, we need to clear out and paint the nursery (YAY!)... I'd also like to get to an art project for our new bedroom... but we'll see what time allows!

    Have a great one! xx

  5. What great stuff...can't wait to see it done!

  6. That fabric is fantastic! Can't wait for the finished product. I hit up 4 thrift stores this morning and walked away empty handed :(

  7. Oh noooo! What happened with the paint? Is it from the weather? Sorry that happened. Don't you hate redoing work? I'm working on your dresser this weekend. I am seriously dying to paint it pink and sell it to a kid boutique. Hopefully my practical side will resurface:)

  8. Ooh, loving those chi-chi stripes, Barbara! Hope the second coat of paint goes on smoothly for you :) Have a great weekend!

  9. We (my husband and I) landed a free dining room set last year made in Italy. We planned to refinish it because it was all covered in laminate and dated with gold trim and light fixtures in the hutch. UGH. When we stripped it down to bare wood (or used the sander) and painted a small spot, our paint did the same thing yours did. It bubbled up. This was in the summertime. Turns out the laminate left a residue, even if we thought we had it sanded off. Long story short, we ended pitching the whole set, as much as it killed me to do so. I wish you luck with yours! - Karen

  10. yay! love the stripes... have a great weekend!!! did you get my post material?... :)

  11. YAY for Margot's vote!! And I agree with her too :) These chairs are going to be so chic Barbara!!
    Nancy xo

  12. That stripe fabric is fabulous!!

  13. Good call on the B&W stripes for your chairs :-) Hope warming them up and repainting them solves the bubbling problem.

    We're in the middle of refinishing four chairs and a table that I bought off Kijiji 2 years ago. Yes, we procrastinate! Hubby is in the middle of varathaning, and I ordered the fabric for the chair seats yesterday. Hopefully they'll be all done and ready for their debut in a week or two :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)

  14. Hi! First, I love the black and white -- such a fan, and the gold chairs are super fun. Second, I had that same bubbling effect when painting my table top. It happened twice on two different coats. My theory is that I sprayed over the same spot twice as it had just started to dry. I've never had this happen with conventional paint. Boo.

  15. Sorry about the paint mishap and all the sanding you are going to have to do...I NEVER spray paint...always brush (2 coats) with semi-gloss latex...you can distress (sand/chain etc.)...or keep lacquered... when dry, you can put a nice furniture wax finish or a poly for more used pieces...cabinet tops etc....
    You have a fabulous blog..and are extremely talented...following now...k

  16. my stupid paint has done that before too! only with spray bombs, tho! grrr! the chairs were a great find...lovely!

    yes, ive seen pinterest but i am too backwards snobby, if that makes sense, and when i see something too much i consciously avoid it...isn;t that weird?! it's like once it's popular it aint cool to me or something....I'm so weird! cause i actually know i would love it!!
    thanks for the compliments on the writing...I definitely love it...
    (so here i go to secretly check out pinterest...hee hee!)


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