New Header~

Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me. I have not only met interesting people along the way but have found a wealth of decorating advice and inspiration. Technologically it has been a huge learning curve, learning how to link up to a party, add photos, "customize" your blog with widgets, learning what a widget even was, adding Linkwithin, etc.  What I appreciate is that all those amazing bloggers out there who are or were in the same boat as me, willing to share not only their projects but are willing to share the ins and outs of blogging.

This week Funky Junk Donna (another great Canadian) gave some great tips on improving your blog and navigating your way through uncharted blogging territory. I took a brave step and have created a new header for my blog. The photos are branches of a tree by my front door taken against the afternoon gray sky after a rain fall. Living on the west coast you tend to live with gray skies as it rains quite a bit here. It can take its toll on you, it can begin to feel dreary. I have tried to see the beauty in the gray and love how the bare branches look against the gray sky. I am not one to use cutesy fonts with scrapbook pages filled with doilies and lace. I like pure design and the graphic elements that can be found in nature such as with the shape of trees, movement of water and the outline of the mountains I see from my home office window. 

What I want to know is how to do you like my new header? 


  1. The header is beautiful.

    The furthest west I've ever been is Banff, so I can't speak of gray days, but at least you aren't freezing to death :) See, there is a bright side.

  2. Lovely! Simple and graphic! One part I have enjoyed about blogging is how we learn and evolve on our sites. Our blogs express our personalities and sometimes we just want to redecorate to better represent who we are!

  3. Barbara - Your new header looks great...I really like it! Love the photo and the font you used. Also love your other photos in this post. I know what you mean about being a new blogger - there is so much to learn! I need to head over and read that post from Donna for some tips!

  4. Love the new header and I loved your description of what it is that I am going through right now with a new blog - the learning curve! But, like you, I have "met" some amazing women online who have helped me a great deal and have been so open to my many questions. I have a long way to go but it seems that I learn something new every day. Continued success!

  5. I am also a new blogger, and cannot believe the learning curve. I don't know about you, but I am truly loving the challenge. I love your blog roll of "Inspiring Canadian Blogs." I think I may have to steal it! I'm just finishing a blogging course called the Craft Blog tune up. I am not a craft blog, but have found the course so helpful as it applies to all blogs. I will also check out Funky Junk Donna. Looking forward to returning.


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