Creating a Beautiful Rental Home: Tip 5~

Don't put off buying furniture because you are renting. 

I have to admit I am guilty of this one. We put off buying furniture for years because we feared that it would fit in the next place. We moved every few years and I put up with ugly furniture for so long. We decided to change our mindset and to live in the now. So when we moved to the US a few years ago we tossed out our uglies! We bought a few pieces before we moved south and some along the way. I have found that buying timeless pieces, ones that you love, help create a home you love to be in.

This year's goal is to replace the kitchen furniture, add an armchair and cabinet/chest of drawers in the family room, new chairs for the girl's room and a new desk. Currently I am putting up with an ugly kitchen table and chairs that were in storage in our last place.  But as of New Year's Day I am looking for new kitchen chairs! You can read my story here

We bought this sofa for the last house but it works in defining a living space in the open concept family room in our current home.

These bookcases were in our dining room 2 houses ago and in our living room in Virginia and currently divide up the space between our dining room and living room. 

 You can always make furniture work. This is why I love reading The Nester's blog. She is a decor diva and is also renting. She buys furniture because she likes the piece and makes it work for her home. She is famous for moving furniture around her house, she calls it "shopping around the house." Another amazing decorator is Jenny from The Little Green Notebook. She too is renting and shows you what can be done to transform a home from blah to fabulous! What may work in one room might work in another room, you need to think outside the box


  1. Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment. Your so right about furniture! I do not rent, but I own and I still love to move my furniture around. It's one of my hubbys long running joke about me with friends. He hates coming home late with the lights off because he doesn't know if I've moved furniture around that day and doesn't want to "get hurt" walking in the dark.
    I do have to admit, I haven't moved anything for about 6 months because I tried moving the pool table and hurt my back (I haven't been the same since).

  2. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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