Creating a Beautiful Rental Home: Tip 3 ~

January 4, 2010

Tip #3:
Replace hardware in bathrooms and kitchens

You can easily switch out cabinet knobs and towel bars to spruce up a room. You can find inexpensive knobs and pulls at Ikea or other hardware stores. My goal is to spruce up the laundry room with some new knobs. I found some at Ikea 6 for $3.99. They are a plain dull grey but my plan is to spray paint them, either black or chrome. 

We found the house lacked towel bars in the main bathroom so for $40 we got 2 bars. 


Now the once plain (and purple!) wall looks polished and finished with new towel bars and personalized art.


  1. The paint color is nice. My powder room is a similar color and it's one of my favorites in the house. Also, thanks for mentioning the IKEA knobs. I need some and couldn't remember what they charged... (I guess I could have looked it up on line!)

  2. Hard to believe this is the same room! Looks great! I really like what you are doing here- I saw the living room, dining room and bedroom posts! What is the paint colour in you bedroom - it is beautiful!

    I'm a neighbor as well - so nice to find you!

  3. Catherine- the paint colour in the bedroom is grey mist from Benjamin Moore. Nice to meet you too!

  4. Love the new color. It makes the space look totally different. A great improvement! What is the color. Trying to decide on one for my bathroom. Jackie

  5. Jackie - the colour is Mushroom from Benjamin Moore.
    Thanks for the complements!

  6. Big change! I'm hosting a Power of Paint Party starting late tonight & every Wednesdays... I'd love it if you'd link up your bathroom.

  7. how much can change things, I love that it went from girl to chic with paint. Great job thanks for sharing

  8. Thanks for linkin' up for my 1st Power of Paint Party!


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