Creating a Beautiful Rental Home: Last and Final Tip ~

Tip #8
Don't be afraid to use a bit of elbow grease...

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 to clean and tidy both the exterior and interior of a home. I have not hesitated in fixing up the flower beds, adding a garden and sprucing up the lawn. I have gone out to buy planters, outdoor lighting and patio furniture. You can always pack it up and take it with you! I have also scrubbed and cleaned grout, tiles, walls, doors, windows and the list can go on. I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and get down to work. 

A home is an expression of you, don't let it scream that you don't care.

I hope that throughout the year I can show you what I have done around our rental to make it a home, maybe inspiring you along the way. 

This week I hope to share a dresser re-do, awesome finds and another thrift store lamp makeover!

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  1. I just read through all your renter tips and wanted to say a big "Thank you!" You can be sure I'll be coming back to them often (as well as the rest of your blog), as I'm in the middle of a decorating frenzy here :)


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