Hockey Night In Canada~

I don't know if anyone one out there can relate to my life.... is perpetually hockey night in Canada at my house. I love to look at all the pretty rooms that are posted on various blogs and sigh when I come down the stairs. My decor-challenged husband (and son who doesn't fall far from the tree) are ALWAYS drying their hockey gear in the living room. No - not hidden around the corner but right at the entrance where all can see and smell

The icing on the cake is that my lovely lamp that everyone loved (and left wonderful comments) was relegated to the garage! My husband can't stand it. Sometimes he just can't see the beauty in things, if he gets it into his head he doesn't like it, well, I lose.

 I will have to sneak it in somewhere else. Maybe my oldest daughter's room?

But one battle I did win: the bikes are FINALLY out of the house!



  1. I LOVE this post- it is SO real life!! We don't live in model homes, we are actual people living their lives! Thanks for the laugh- I can so relate to this!

  2. Ha ha...I feel your pain, or at least I used to. My ex did THE EXACT SAME THING!

  3. You're a special kind of crazy to let that gear dry in the living room. We have a STRICT "goalie gear dries in the basement" rule. Or garage, at our last house. The smell. I just can't get over that smell.


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