Sneak Peak: Laundry Room~

I have finished painting the laundry room and am waiting for a free day to hop over to Ikea. I have been looking for some fabric to make a faux Roman blind for the window and re-cover the ironing board. I know they have some great black and white graphic prints that are inexpensive that I think would really spice up the room. Since I am renting I can't do anything too drastic and am trying to work with what I already have.  I am trying to re-do this laundry room for very little. So far I spent nothing. Here is a sneak peak....


  1. It's looking good so far! I'm a sucker for chalk boards and I love the "keep calm" art.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest. Thanks for the peak!

  2. You said you would paint... and you did! Me? These days I'm all talk and very little action, so I'm in big "admire" mode over you and your almost-revealed laundry room. Like the colour very much and good luck finding the perfect fabric!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  3. I did paint Victoria BUT am in a very talk and little action mode myself. Had a sick child last week, worked ( I am a teacher-on-call) and just stared at my to-do list.


  4. Nice "Stay Calm" print! Hee hee! Did you make it? Love the red. Super jealous you have a window in your laundry room...would make mine even nicer to hang out in. Can't wait to see how this turns out!


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