Peony Painting~

A while back the kids and I had a fun night of painting. I had bought several canvases and we whipped out my acrylic paints and paintbrushes and just experimented with the medium. The results were fantastic! I am in the process of framing one daughter's art from that night. 

This is what I painted. I love peonies and took photos of some last spring. My  goal is to to paint a few more for the oldest daughters bedroom. She really wants bright pink accents to go with her apple green walls. It was cheap, just the cost of the canvas. So whip out those paints and have fun - you never know what you can come up with!

I am redoing the oldest daughter's room at a real snail's pace. We have differences of opinion (she is almost 16 - she keeps reminding me of that fact - therefore she knows everything). She wants bright pink everywhere and I would like to tone it down. I also need to address her bed issue (she is a gorgeous 6 foot tall girl) and I keep putting it aside. 

What I need to do is focus on one project at a time and finish - the laundry room is almost done, I am just finishing up sewing. Hopefully the sun will stick around so I can take some great photos of the space, it can be quite dark. If I can get my act together today then hopefully I can reveal the laundry room later this week!

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  1. Sounds like you have the same project schedule that I have -- lots on the go at once!!

    Love the peony painting. The pink flowers will look great against your daughter's apple green walls :-)


  2. What a beautiful painting! You are very talented! Lisa

  3. Wow - Beautiful painting! I love it. Good luck on finishing up your projects!

  4. Barbara this painting is wonderful! I can totally imagine a triptic - 3 similar beauties lined up along your daughter's wall. Lovely!!

    Like you I'm getting pretty tired of the Holmes & Extreme re-runs - totally boring!! I'd heard that Peter was returning with another house flip, but had kinda forgotten until MrsBen reminded us... I loved his last flip! And how fantastic is Samantha's work? No wonder I don't get anything done at my place... I'm too busy watching TV!!

    Looking forward to seeing your laundry room and romans blinds...

  5. I love apple green and pink. A great combo. I am just in the process of taking before pics of my two youngest's bedroom. I found the bedspreads at Winners and just put them on. They will be the starting point. But I'm having one heck of a time with lighting too.
    Love the Peony,
    Take care,

  6. Love this! thanks for commenting on my little blog. So happy to have discovered you and yours...

  7. That is beautiful! I'm not much of a painter myself, my oldest son is a wonderful artist though.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh this is a cool painting! And I like the modern vibe this flower has. You could paint these and sell them on Etsy! I'm just sayin'

    Thanks for sharing and for linkin up to Frugalicious Friday!

  9. Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe how similar they are! I love yours so much!!
    Great minds think alike ;) Or should I say "paint" alike ;)

  10. That is a beautiful painting! I love peonies too and have many, many photos of them! You are very talented Barbara!


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