Black Onyx Strikes Again~

I wasn't called into work today so I decided to recover a chair we have had for a while. 

Actually I was procrastinating doing other projects such as putting the final touches on the laundry room re-do project.

I bought the chair as a young and penniless newlywed.The chair was a steal for $10 at an antique shop and it has served us well. It has been painted a few colours over the years and I painted it's current black colour several years ago. The seat was covered with a floral linen and I decided to update it with the Waverly paddock shawl onyx fabric (try saying that 10 times really fast) that I have used in other projects such as my DIY memo board and throw pillows.

What was needed:

staple gun
cup of strong coffee 

I removed the seat from the frame using a screwdriver. Then I removed all the staples from the fabric. Next I laid and cut the new fabric to cover the seat, adding 2 inches all around. Using the staple gun I stapled the fabric to the underside of the seat making sure to pull the fabric tightly and evenly around. Finally I screwed the seat back to the chair and.....




  1. OOH that fabric is gorgeous!! It looks great!

  2. Great project! Amazing how a fabric change transformed the chair! What was the strong coffee for- personal fortification? LOL!

  3. Your chair looks great! I love that you've had it for a while and keep transforming it!

  4. lovely little office space and the chair looks fabulous

  5. What a great chair! I love when you can completely transform things you already have!

  6. Oooo I love that fabric! 'Course I love that faded floral linen too :)

    I need to recover 4 chairs. Won't be doing it soon, though. Too many other projects need my attention. It never ends......

    Thanks for linking up to Mi4M once again. Always great projects!

  7. Looking fantastic!
    Of course the fabric is wonderful, but I'm loving the shape and style of the chair. Great find for $10!!

  8. Great job it looks fantastic and I love the fabric.

  9. looks so good and such a quick change!

  10. Beautiful and I love the your fabric choice!

    Kat :)

  11. The chair looks great and I love that new fresh fabric.


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