Rubbermaid Bins Get a Makeover~

My laundry room is not only a place where LOADS of laundry get cleaned but a room where I store craft supplies, sewing materials, etc. For storage I use Rubbermaid bins. I love Rubbermaid bins of all shapes and sizes, they are all over my house. We have moved so many times that a majority of our items that belong in the crawl space or basement are stored in them. The movers enjoy it because they have less boxes to pack and unpack! 

In the laundry room I had a collection of mismatched clear Rubbermaid bins but wanted to unify them. First I switched out the lids to white using other bins that are in various closets throughout the house. As I was rummaging through my paint collection I remembered my pint of chalkboard paint. Why not paint chalkboard labels onto the bins? I had attempted to paint some here, when I thought I could replicate a Martha project. If you look closely at my laundry room photos you will see I spray painted over that. 

First I taped off rectangles onto the bins. Using a disposable foam roller I painted an oil-based chalkboard paint over my marked area. I had to paint about three coats to cover the plastic. After letting it dry for 24 hours they were ready to be used. 

I am not sure if this would work with latex paints, it might not adhere to the plastic. I know Rustoleum carries a spray-on plastic primer that would then make the plastic surface accept latex paint.  I considered using that for the lids and spray painting them black but the weather turned on me and I didn't feel like waiting for a sunny day.  

Later this week I will share:

How to turn a window into a chalkboard
How to make a faux roman blind
How to make an ironing board cover
The story behind the license plate (someone asked!)

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  1. Oh! Now there's a great idea! I've got lots of mismatched plastic boxes and while I've tried to make labels for them they always fall off. to find chalkboard paint.

  2. Love it. They no longer look like Rubbermaid bins!

  3. Great idea! You are one organized gal!


  4. Genius! Who woulda thunk that plastic bins could look so good!

  5. Thanks for this idea! I have bins in my sewing room that are not clear and are not labeled! I'm frustrated everytime I need to find something--and I have chalkboard paint!

  6. I love this idea and I am desperately in need of an ironing board cover so I will definitely be checking back in.

  7. Such a great idea! Walmart has tons of those bins on sale now too.. hmm, must go there today & get some! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  8. This is great. I've been wanting to work with chalkboard paint for awhile now. What a great idea.

  9. Cute project! What a great method to label your bins!

    I'd like to invite you to my very first Friday Favorites party tomorrow!

  10. Hey. Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites. Hope to see you again this week!

  11. great idea! Thanks for the inspiration.


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