So Canadian Eh: Lisa from Wicked and Weird

You know when you meet someone and you know that if you only lived closer you could see yourself becoming fast friends? Well, that is how I feel about my fabulous guest this week - with a dynamic personality and creative soul, I could see us being great friends if only we didn't live so far away.

Please welcome....

She is....

I finally got to meet the fabulous Lisa when I visited Toronto for Blogpodium. She is an outgoing, energetic and always smiling individual. 

And she has one amazing eye for design and details. 
I am smitten with her home and jealous of her side-of-the-road finds!

Don't believe me?

Check out her home.
She seamlessly blends Ikea, with antiques, Craiglist and junk finds lying in the edge of the road to create a stylish pad.

Case in point, her son's room. Looks like it could grace the pages of a magazine.

Her living room.

Her bedroom.

 Her droolicious kitchen. 

Dying of envy over here!

Tell us a bit about yourself? Give us some insight into who you are, what are you drawn to, where you always creative? Your education?

I have been living in Toronto for the past 15 years, and yet still answer “New Brunswick” when people ask where I am from. I was always the ‘artsy’ kid, doing pottery, ballet, piano, and drama classes while others were at the skating rink. I have a degree in Music and a master of Museum Studies, and have been working for the past ten years in marketing orchestras, so the arts have always had a central role in my life. However, I recently left my job to be a stay-at-home mom, and am now pursuing courses and opportunities in graphic design. I can’t imagine a time when I won’t feel the need to MAKE something!

Why made you decide to start your blog? And has there been anything that you have enjoyed about blogging? Not enjoyed? And explain the name?

With all my schooling, I have become a bit of a research nut. I enjoy trolling the internet for ideas and inspiration and am always blown away by the level of talent and number of creative people out there! It gets me really excited, and I love sharing my enthusiasm and latest finds with my readers (which I still imagine to be my mom and 2 friends).

I have loved connecting to people who share my aesthetic and enthusiasm for creativity. It still amazes me that I have “readers”!! Occasionally I will get kind of wrapped up in the possibility of blogging full time, building readers, checking numbers and that sort of thing, and it gets me all stressed out. I don’t think I can ever be a structured blogger, I just post when inspiration hits and I have the time. But you never know…

The name is from a Buck 65 song that I had stuck in my head for weeks around the time I started the blog. It seemed fitting as I shared the things I thought were a bit out of the ordinary. Also, I am not sure if it is an East Coast thing, or a product of the 80’s, but for me ‘wicked’ is a synonym for ‘awesome’ or ‘really’ (as in, it is wicked cold today). And weird has always been a hallmark of mine, every since grade 5, when my friends and I started a “Weird is Wonderful” club (I think we hung out in trees and talked about boys… ;p.)

What is your day job?

For the last few years I have been doing marketing for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and loving it! However, last year we ran into some day-care drama and I decided that the universe was gently suggesting that I stay at home with my kids (2 and 4) for a bit. Since becoming a stay-at-home mom, I have felt creative sparks firing off in all directions, and I am currently pursuing a career shift into graphic design.

What are your go-to sources for anything décor related?

BLOGS! My Google Reader is out of control. You guys always have amazing projects and inspirational photos. I also love House & Home and Style at Home magazines and online galleries, as well as Living Etc. from the UK, and many of the European and Scandinavian blogs and sites that I can’t actually understand.

What is your design style?

Hmmm… Eclectic-Pared-Down-Traditional? The problem with appreciating creativity in general is that I am easily swayed by different styles and schools of thought. Generally I like things that are handmade, high quality, and traditional with a twist. I like mixing antiques with Ikea, and original art with DIYs, and travel treasures with thrift store finds, to create a cozy warm environment. Is that a design style?

Tell us something that would surprise us about you!

I worked at the Robben Island Museum in South Africa, where Mandela was imprisoned, on education and outreach programmes. It was intense. I also got my nose pierced when I was there, slept on a rock under a blanket of stars in the desert in Namibia, watched the sun set behind a herd of elephants in Botswana, and just about got swallowed by the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe.

You are a Craigslist and junk find diva – any secret tips you wish to share? What do you look for when scouring the ads or sales?

Thank you! I may have to put that on a business card… ☺ Usually I have better success when I go without any intentions or expectations. I just look through slowly and carefully and pick lots of things up to see if they are quality and well-made. I end up putting lots of things back after carrying them around the store – once the thrill of finding them wears off, I can see more clearly that it is chipped or dented, or really not so interesting. For estate sales, I look at the photos before hand to see if the items are my kind of thing. If I see quite a few things I would be interested in, I will head over, but again – no expectations!

You also enjoy great art; do you dabble in art as well? Or are you just an admirer of great works? Any favourites?

I love art and have endless admiration for artists. I do dabble, but would love to be able to spend more time at it. Mostly I admire. I have been lucky to have been given some great pieces by my family, who sparked my appreciation to begin with. I have a soft spot for East Coast artists, especially New Brunswick artists. There must be something in the water – there are so many talented artists out there!

What ‘s next for Wicked and Weird?

If I ever get my act together I will try to organize my posts a little better so people can count on certain content at certain times. And if I can create a schedule where I have consistent time to dedicate to blogging, I may start to approach some artists and companies with regards to advertising. But mostly, it will be more of the same “isn’t this cool?” kind of posts!

As a mom to an active family, how to balance life and blogging/social media?

During the day I really don’t have much time to spend on the computer, I really try to be present with the boys. That being said, there are times when they are engrossed in playing cars that I can dash off a quick post or two. Evenings are usually my computer time, when I read, surf, tweet, and post. It definitely takes up a lot of my free time!

If you could meet anyone or do anything your heart desires, who or what would it be?

Oh I wish I was a talented artist, I would love to spend days creating and painting. I also wish I had an incredible jazz voice and was an amazing dancer (like So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance amazing). I would love to meet Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Georgia O’Keefe, Mary Schäffer, Coco Chanel, Lucy Maud Montgomery, my mum’s mum, and my dad’s grandmother, among many, many others.

What are your views on the role Canadian design plays in the world design scene? Do you feel that Canadians have a unique sense of style and design, and if so, what is it that you think sets us apart?

I do think that Canadians have a unique design style – one that is simple, unfussy, and timeless. I think that Canadian design is the kind of design that reveals itself slowly: at first glance it is classic, but as you delve deeper you see the quality, craftsmanship, creativity, and subtle brilliance.

Gosh Lisa, you are not only talented but brilliant as well. I had NO idea you lived in South Africa. That is why I do this series, you really get to know every blogger/designer that much more! Thanks Lisa!

XO Barbara


  1. I agree with you - Lisa is so great! She's so friendly and easy to talk to her, one of the most welcoming people I have ever met! Great interview!

  2. You know i'm a sucker for anyone who likes to combine antiques with craigslist finds. Thanks for the introduction Barb. I'm off to check out her site.

  3. I love reading Lisa's blog. How cool is it that she spent a night sleeping on a rock under the stars! Great getting to know more about her. :)

  4. Beautiful interview! Lisa is such a sweet blogger...I've loved connecting with her over the last year, and am so happy to have gotten to know more about her. She's so versatile and talented. Love it!

  5. Oh wow, you guys have no idea how flattered and touched I am by all these kind words! Thank you so much for including me and being so sweet Barb, I completely agree about being friends if we only lived closer. :-)

  6. So great meeting Lisa- I love her home, and that kitchen! These interviews are so great, Barb. Have a great weekend.

  7. Beautiful home, great interview. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I learned some new things about Lisa too - so interesting that you lived in South Africa and were able to enjoy all those global experiences.

  9. Love the interview! Always thought Lisa has a great sense of style with her outfits and now I get to see a bit of her home and in love with it!! Love the soft, modern sensibility in a traditional home! Lisa I'm coming over in person soon!

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  12. Love this girl! Fellow NB-er and amazing person, and on top of it, crazy style and decor savvy. Great feature of a great person!

  13. That is a beautiful home Lisa has; and how lovely to meet fellow Canadian bloggers. (I'm always looking to contact with more Canadians/Vancouverites) I'll have to check out more of your links. Thank you. :)

  14. This is such a great interview, we'd love to go to Blog Podium next year to meet all these fantastic and inspiring bloggers!


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