One Room Challenge: Week Five

Yikes, it is week five! Want to know what I have done these past 5 weeks? 
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 Only one week left to get my butt in gear!

I managed to paint the bookcases this week. 

Here is a peek..

I am going about all of this backward, I should of painted the walls first, which was what I first intended. But when the possibility of us not living here come fall, I put that on hold

Well peeps, the lease gets signed tomorrow! So walls will be painted Friday. YES!

In the meantime, I have had some fun with gold leaf, unearthing family heirlooms to frame and a minor spray paint fiasco.

My mom's great aunt's needlework, love how the raw edges are showing.

My spray paint fiasco.... trying to paint it gold but wasn't the right paint. Will try brilliant paint...last resort, gold leaf.

And thrift store mirror that will get the midas touch!

AND my slipcovers for the dining room chairs is still set back...samples are on order from Tonic Living because all the local fabric stores have NOTHING. I shouldn't say nothing. One store, seemed to have doubled their prices in these past few months. Yes, doubled. I refuse to pay $40/meter for white linen. 

Highway robbery!

The only other possible stores are on the other side of the river, which means a bridge and highway under construction to cross.  If anyone knows Vancouver traffic, it can be a ^%$@#! 
Pardon my French. I hate fighting traffic. Maybe early next week? This week I am busy chauffeuring kids to day camps, jobs and lifeguard training.

I doubt my 6 dining chairs will be slipcovered by next Wednesday.
 BUT this is a challenge and not a contest. There is no prize so my goal was to makeover a room in 6 weeks but this is real life people. 

Things happen, plans change. 

I have enjoyed the challenge thus far....and the bonus I feel a kinship to all my fellow participants, we are all trying to makeover a space while dealing with daily life. 

 I also love the new friends and blogs that have become part of my daily read!

So peeps, the countdown is on
One more week. 7 days.

See you in week 6! Fingers crossed that I get most of my list accomplished!

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XO Barbara 


  1. the bookshelves are looking good! I have got to get my butt in gear and the black paint purchased! One week left!

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  3. Love the thrift store mirror!

    Oh and also love how supportive you are of other bloggers!

  4. Love your post, Barb. I want to play with gold leaf; those frame corners look amazing. Congrats on signing the lease and feeling a bit rooted again. Good luck with your punch list!
    xo Nancy

  5. My gold leafing does not come out as flat and seamless as yours. It looks fantastic. I feel your pain, here...I was considering trip into NYC, but the bridge is under construction and traffic is ^%$@#! There is a fabric store an hour away that has great prices and I would probably find something...but can I afford 2 hours travel + shopping time? We'll see.

  6. I love the gold leafing!! How cool to have family needlepoint to frame as well! I will have a few items unfinished too next you said...REAL LIFE! :)

  7. Oh Barbara I feel your pain, trying to get all that done in six weeks is enough of a challenge let alone during the summer. Do what you can and I'm sure it will be beautiful.

  8. Love the gold leaf and looking forward to the reveal.

  9. Oh we are so keeping it real! I am loving the gold leaf! I hate when I can't find fabric and then the process takes forever with ordering samples ect.... Even if they are not done, your room is totally changed! LOVE IT!

  10. LOVE the gold leafing and can't wait to see your space all finished up!!!!

  11. Books shelves look good! Like everyone else, I love the gold leafing--those corners are perfect! Best wishes for this week. Looking forward to your final reveal.

  12. Lookin' good! I'm anxious to see if you're new gold paint will work or if you need to go the gold leaf route- I've got a similar project I'd like to try but gold leaf seems like a lot of work (or at least patience).

  13. I love the gold leaf on the black antique frame! So awesome! The bookshelves look great! great work this week and can't wait for next week...I'm going to miss this ORC thing when it's over!

  14. Your bookshelves look gorgeous -- can't wait to see what you do with the wall paint! Gold leafing is something I've been wanting to try. Yours looks wonderful and I'm looking forward to seeing the other things you do. And YES. This is real life. I have an entire wall in my room that has not been touched. Oh well, things happen. And I've loved getting to know other bloggers as well. This has been fun!

  15. Yay for your bookshelves!! we should nickname you midas...everything you touch turns to gold leaf!! I personally love the look. Cannot wait to see it all next week with or without the chairs. I have loved the challenge too! I'm thinking of braving the traffic on Friday and coming over on the ferry. yikes I'm not looking forward to it.

  16. You keep it up girl! As you said, it's not a Contest..It's a CHALLENGE! The fact you have accomplished so much in five weeks is wonderful. Don't fret what you have no control over! It will all be marvelous ....

  17. The bookshelves look wonderful! I also love how you added the gold leaf to the corners of your black frame. The contrast is beautiful. Looking forward to see your new paint and reveal next week. I am sure it will look fabulous whether you get those slipcovers finished or not!

    Keep going, girl! I know you can do it!


  18. I love the bookshelves--are the backs painted black?

  19. It's coming along beautifully, Barbara! Seriously - what you've tackled in this short time is pretty incredible, because you're right, real life happens peeps! I used Rust-O-leum's shiny metallic finish in gold on Kaleigh's mirror, and it's not bad. It's a good base to work from... Love seeing your keepsake cross-stitch in the mix! Counting down for next week's reveal :-)

  20. Looking great! I love your Aunt's needlework. The raw edges give it so much character. Cheers to keeping it real!

  21. Real life for sure baby! I always figure if it gets me doing even 50% more than I would normally have accomplished then the challenge is a good thing. So glad you have a new lease to sign!

  22. you just did the corners of the frame. Did I say love? I am sure we will all need a few extra weeks to finish up. No worries.

  23. aw you are so right - its a challenge and not a contest! if you get them slipcovered later -- they will still be great! and you can update ALL of us (too bad you cant tag us in a post so we'll all see like on Facebook). I love your picture frame in gold leaf- great work!

  24. I hear ya!! sometimes you just don't know what may just happen after you made the perfect plan. Just have to roll with the punches sometimes ... I myself have had a few meltdowns in the past couple of months over "projects not happening according to plan".

    Glad that you have such a blast with the challenge and can't wait to see your room all done up Barbara!

  25. Love the gold leaf! And don't get me started on Vancouver least I'm away for a couple of months. The shelves look great, all clean and white like that. That reminds me, when I get back to Van I plan to do a build-in around the Ikea shelves in the library and make them look a lot less Ikea-ish. :)

  26. There is nothing wrong with a little gold leaf!! It adds so much bling to a space :)

  27. It is certainly a challenge to get anything done in the summer so I applaud you Barb for taking on this challenge. Although, it will force you to get these pesky things done around the house. I cannot wait to see the reveal and hang out for an afternoon with you. I'm intrigued with your gold leaving. I'm thinking about trying it myself because I saw some frames in Chapters that had silver leaving in which I totally love but they are $65 each (I want at least 10) um yeah, a bit of an issue so I think I might visit Ikea and do some hacking depending on how much the silver leafing is and how much work it would entail. Have a fabulous Thursday!!

  28. You've done SO MUCH already, Barbara. All the best with finishing it up! Wish I could pitch in a little. :) It's looking great.

  29. I adore the bookcases! Exactly the style I am looking for for my office. Where did you get them?


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