One Room Challenge: Week Four

Another week has flown by!!!
You can follow my journey here.

I did manage to whip up a few more pillows to add to the mix.

Meet my

Madeline Weinrib Ikat CopyKat Pillow.

And I also made a juicy green pillow with the same black velvet trim as last week's pillow.

Another goal of mine was to calculate yardage for my dining room slipcovers.

 But I had a glitch. My hope was to use the white cotton fabric from Ikea, the price point was great, $6.99/M but when I popped in on Sunday, they aren't selling it anymore!!!

 So I am on the hunt for reasonably priced white cotton, since I am covering 6 chairs and need about 12 metres at 150 cm wide. I have seen many a tutorial using drop clothes but I am not sure the colour is what I am going for. I will pop into the hardware store so see if it will work. If not, off to the various fabric stores I go!

Wall update:
Good news: the landlords are not selling and will extend the lease for one more year. That gives us a year to figure out where our life and work is going to head....but until that lease is signed {they are taking their sweet time arranging a day} I am not slapping on paint! Fingers crossed that gets sorted out this week and I can paint the walls for week 5! I am dying to use the Classic Grey that is sitting in the garage that Benjamin Moore so generously provided.

Also I have collected a few plates, a few that were my Czech grandmothers and a few new ones. And my artwork from The Pink Pagoda {thanks Jennifer} arrived!

A little gallery wall of sorts will be hung above my red sideboard. Can't wait to put that together.

Also I am tracking down some gold spray paint and the drapery hardware and mirror will get a fresh look this week.

The bookcases are almost done and I'll show you them in all their glory next week!

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XO Barbara

PS. I am sharing this pillow at Freckled Laundry too! 


  1. So happy your lease is working out! Love the pillows ... they are my favorite pop in any room!!

  2. Your pillows are killing it! Also loving this plate formation taking place. Cannot wait to see the end product my dear!

  3. Barbara have you tried White Brite. You can pick it up at WalMart.
    I have used drop cloth...1. great price. 2. extra wide. 3. after soaking in white brite the fabric comes out whiter.
    You might want to consider drop cloth again.
    Hmmm I need to do a tutorial using White Brite!!

  4. This is coming together so nicely. I especially love your mix of fabrics on the pillows. How do you even do that? I am such a pattern chicken! You have all these crazy patterns that I wouldn't think of putting together - but they look so perfect. I guess maybe that's why you are a designer and I'm a wannabe : ) Those plates are going to be amazing. This is by far my fave One Room Challenge room. I can't wait to see it all finished up.

  5. love it all, but especially the pink pagoda print. She's a genius and every piece is always to pretty!

  6. You must be so relieved about the lease! Everything is looking SO pretty! How smart of you to have learned how to sew so you can make your own pillows and other home stuff!

  7. Barbara- I am so flippin proud of you with the MW pillow! it looks so profesh and GREAT!!

    So I was thinkin' - I know every penny counts when we're talking many yards/meters of fabric, but what about the grayline linen for $9.99/yd?? May be a bit steep though, since you need alot.

  8. Love the pillows and the Pink Pagoda print!

  9. wow, you did an excellent job on the pillow! I wish I had that talent. Great progress on the ORC. I've been following all of ya'll during this process and everyone is doing such a great job! I'm your newest follower!

  10. Drop cloths, what a genius idea. Pillows are awesome. You're doing great. A new follower, Patty

  11. Ha, that metric thing never did make it to the States. I'm not sure how much yardage that is...but 6 chairs would be a lot. I love the pillows, and the plates are killer.

  12. I love the pretty pillows you made. I am so jealous of your sewing skills, Barbara, the trim looks fab! I am also loving your beautiful plates and the gorgeous print from Jennifer! Congrats on the lease, glad it is working out for you!


  13. Yay for progress! Glad that it all worked out for you guys to stay. Rushed moves are no fun!

  14. Glad to hear your lease is working out and hopefully you can sign those papers soon! I really, really love those plates!

  15. Looking good. I'm loving those plates, anxious to see them in their final resting place. Glad to hear the good news about the lease. Have a great week!

  16. fingers crossed the lease gets signed soon--I love the pillows, especially the green with the piping!

  17. That's great news about the home front. Love your pillows!! Love Love! But the real star of this post for me are the plates! holy! The mix of old and new, not to mention the great colours!!The fact that they are personal and say something about you! I love that. It's going to be a dream with your new print and the red sideboard. Can't wait to see it!

  18. Those plates and pillows, swoon! Love the direction you are taking with color and pattern.

  19. Wow, you've got a lot of projects going on! Most of my home projects grind to a halt in the summer - not enough time between weekends at the cottage and working on outdoor stuff.

    Love your cushions, and your plate collection is beautiful. It's great that you're bringing some of your heritage into your home :-)

    Hope you get the lease signed soon so you can get painting!

  20. For the slipcovers considering using cotton drop cloths from a paint store or Home Depot. I found mine for a steal, and after washing to soften, they made up beautifully as slipcovers for just a few dollars.

  21. I am so, absolutely in love with that ikat pillow!! May have to copy that myself some time! (all credit going to you of course for giving me the idea!) Your room is going to be gorgeous- can't wait to see it all come together!
    btw I'm bummed that Ikea no longer sells that fabric because when you first mentioned white cotton fabric for less than $7 a yd my heart skipped a beat! I've been looking for affordable (but durable) white fabric to reupholster my couch in so when I read that I was like "YES!" (and then quickly "noooo") Guess the hunt continues! Good luck to you finding some for your chairs!

  22. had so much for us to feast on this week.....Love you pillows [although I have hardly ever met a pillow I did not like] and the whole direction of the room.....

  23. Barbara - you have been busy! Of course, I love your newest pillow - how could I not? It's green, after all! Good luck finding the right fabric for your chairs. Also, glad to hear that you get to stay put!

  24. Oooo the red with all those plates and art is looking so amazing. Also, your black ikat pillow is adorable! I love it more than the inspiration maybe! I have the same fabric in gray though so I may be a little bit biased!

  25. YAY!! So happy you get to stay in your house! I can't wait to see your gallery wall with the gorgeous red sideboard!

  26. Oh love! That ikat pillow is just brilliant!

  27. You really do a beautiful job on pillows! I love the slipcovers for the chairs! Best of luck with those. The plates are fabulous and will look great over your red sideboard! Congrats with the lease extended! yay!!!!

  28. Great pillows - At Home in Arkansas blog has a great post on the importance of pillows in design, and your post has great pillow inspiration too!

    Loving this one room challenge - off to visit one of your 'colleagues'!

    - Holly

    1. I just read the post - fabulous info thanks for the "heads up". I just adore pillows and enjoy making therapeutic.

  29. Yeah for being able to stay in your place for one more year!

  30. Congrats on your place! I hope your able to get that lease signed asap.

    The color scheme you've got going on is gorgeous!If you're looking for linen, this site has some great options for around $9

  31. Love your pillows and plates! Glad you get to stay in your home another year.

  32. Thanks are looking good Barbara!! You are such handy lady ... I've got to learn how to sew!!

  33. Looooove the pillows! As always ;)

  34. The pillows are gorgeous! I'm impressed with your dining slip calculations too! You don't mess around. I'm such an "eyeballer". Not sure exactly what weight you want your white cotton for the slips but you could try nice white sheets or heavier cotton mattress covers for your fabric to save $. Thanks for sharing with air your laundry friday! xo Jami


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