Guest Posting at Tiffany Leigh

Today I sharing one of my favourite pieces of furniture at Tiffany Leigh's Interior Design Furniture Friday!

Please come and say hi, so I don't feel all lonely over there.

Tiffany, who will be featured in an upcoming So Canadian eh? interview, is an aspiring designer following her dreams in the big city of Toronto!

I won't say much more as you will have to come back to read her interview which is scheduled for August 3!

XO Barbara


  1. Thanks for participating Barbara! Everyone LOVES your side table! I knew they would. ;)
    Enjoy that nice weather! Can't wait to meet everyone on the third!

  2. I have always loved that night stand, it's the perfection of the detail and color. Thanks for the introduction to Tiffany. Have a great weekend Barbara and enjoy that glorious sunshine!!!

  3. headed there now!


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