Another Rast Hack Round-up

June 21, 2012

Inspired by some recent Ikea Rast Hacks circulating around the web, I have decided to do another round-up! To refresh your memory, I made one here, and rounded up a few here and here and here and here!

I know, I have a thing for Rast Hacks.

First up the amazing Kelly from Jax Does Design {who I met while at Toronto} just hacked this inspiring Rast dresser, using Overlays and gave it a zinc treatment {I was given a sneak peek before it went live  - thanks Kelly!}

 Then Kelly from Refreshed Designs {whose rental apartment I featured here} hacked this Rast to give it an industrial edge!

Then a campaign style hack made by Molly featured on Little Green Notebook.

And I spy two side by side at the home tour of Helena Del Rio at Everygirl! Gorgeous!
Even if they aren't, they could be easily hacked!

Know of any else? I love me a good hack.

XO Barbara


  1. I love the last two! I'm really dying for a campaign dresser so this might be a good option. Also, I like the white border left around the black drawers in the last picture.

  2. I love all of these! I really need a couple of these for nightstands.

  3. Oh these put mine to SHAME! That black one is awesome, I may have to re-vamp my re-vamp in that direction once the front hall undergoes its transformation. &

  4. Ooh, I just love those side by side ones. Thanks for the shout out Barbara! I love IKEA hack inspiration.

  5. Thanks for including me in your RAST hack round-up :-) It's fun to see all the different & creative ways people come up with to transform a simple pine cabinet into something pretty spectacular :-)

  6. Great round-up! I hope to complete mine in the next couple months :)

  7. Here's one!

  8. These are great! Love the hardware on each one of them :)

  9. They're all awesome! Love the industrial chic edge of Kelly's @refresheddesigns... that's right up my alley!

  10. wow... Jax did a great job with her hack and I love the white and grey pair in everygirl!! Maybe I need to do one in my next bedroom project! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Love that last photograph! Makes me want to go decorate :)

  12. Man those are some talented "hackers"...everyone of them are incredible. I need some time because I would love to try my hand at one :)


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