A little scare.

June 19, 2012

If you follow my Twitter or Facebook  feed or you decided to pop by my blog yesterday you would of caught wind of my scare. Yesterday afternoon my blog URL was hijacked! Someone/something re-directed my URL to some cash/credit site in Russia. After a few heart stopping moments I went in and upped the security with my passwords. That seemed to restore it. 

Fingers crossed.....

But it was during that panic that I realized that I hadn't backed up my blog in a while. So, my husband said he will help me just that. When I find out the best way I will make sure to let you know!

You know the most angering part of this, I could not find out how to contact Blogger! No easy feat my friend. 

Hmmm...makes me wonder if Wordpress people have that issue? 
I have a Wordpress account set up as an option but do you Wordpress folks ever have a hard time contacting the host? Any issues like us Blogger folks do?

Anyone else ever experience something scary like this with their blog? What did you do?

Now onto something a bit more exciting.....
Tomorrow I am having a giveaway for my Canadian readers! It's a fun one!

XO Barbara


  1. That's really scary! I hope it's fixed now!

  2. I am so thankful that you got it fixed ..and your so smart ot do it yourself..(I had to get others to fix mine!) I am thinking of making the jump to Wordpress, so I will be back here to find out what everyone says!
    Beautiful pictures on your blog, as usual!
    How was the track meet!

  3. I'm curious too! Hopefully you will get some good feedback. Glad everything turned out okay!

  4. What a horrible scare! I've been curious about Wordpress too. I may look into it.

  5. Ack, I'm so terrified of this happening!! I'm glad you were able to fix it. That's so frustrating that blogger doesn't make it easy to contact someone for help.

  6. Oh my gosh Barb! I can only imagine how you must have felt for a few awful! I changed my password on blogger to something strong right after I read this and then came back to comment! Isn't that one of our worst fears? I am so HAPPY that you were able to recover your blog! I hope the rest of your week goes great! Angie xo

  7. Yikes! I hope you get it sorted- I have no idea how to back things up :(

  8. This is so scary! I didn't even realize stuff like that happened...a naive little blogger I have been. Glad you've got it back to normal now and please do keep us posted on the best way to back up our blogs as well!
    ps. Can't wait for that Canadian giveaway!

  9. This is most definitely a scare! My hubs does all the backup and techy stuff for me, so I'm not a lot of help there, but my blog is a Wordpress blog, and when he's had to contact them they've been really good at getting back right away...

  10. Oh wow, that is scary. I was following a Twitter chat last night where a ton of people there recommended switching from Blogger to Wordpress. I hadn't really considered it, but things like this make me wonder if it would be a good idea? I hate that with Google sites there is no contact info... Glad to hear everything turned out OK for you!

  11. What a good reminder to back up blogs. I'm interested to read what others say about the Blogger versus Wordpress debate. So happy that you were able to go in and get your blog back.

  12. I've been super happy with Wordpress... no problems since I started blogging. (Knock on wood.) So glad for you that it's all back to normal!

  13. I blog on blogger and host my website on wordpress. Don't back up either so I guess I'm what you call an optimist:) Hope that doesn't ever happen again!!

  14. I'm self hosted using Wordpress. I've only ever had to contact the host provider & they've been great. The Wordpress community is very helpful & supportive. You should look into it.

  15. When I read this I changed my password. Tonight I am getting a message from Google and I have no idea how to fix this or contact Blogger. Was there something else you did?


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