Blogpodium Highlights: Part Three

Here are the final highlights of my  Blogpodium weekend in Toronto.

The morning before the event I met up with my lovely blog designer, Brittany from Gallery No. Eight. We ended up taking a quick walk through the Ryerson University Campus. {A university I wished I had known about when I was waaaaay younger...} 

A quick stop at a newly opened coffee shop that I snapped a few photos of then off to Loblaws for lunch, a feast for the eyes grocery store opened in the former Maple Leaf Gardens arena.

Brittany and I

After some lunch we headed to the hotel to get ready for Blogpodium, which I blogged about last week.

Aren't the chairs fantastic? many cupcakes and marcaroons.

After Blogpodium many of my favourite bloggers ended up going for drinks at a local watering hole. I had such a fabulous time, wishing the night wouldn't end. Many of these bloggers felt like old friends and the socializing could of gone on all night!

 Nicole and Nancy

Even Nicole from Making It Lovely got in on the action, trying poutine for the first time.

That evening we made last minute plans to head to Aberfoyle the next day!!

I was thrilled to have it work out. Aberfoyle is a huge open air antique market outside of Toronto. We have nothing like that out west so it was exciting to have it happen.

Early Sunday morning, with suitcases in tow. Vanessa from Damask and Dentelle, and Gabby from Savvy Home picked us up and we headed off. Once at Aberfoyle we met up with Vanessa from Decor Happy who was going to take Nancy and I to the airport in the late afternoon.

Christine from Bijou and Boheme, even made a trip out to meet us there, with her darling kids in tow.

Wandering from stall to stall was a visual delight. So much amazing goodness. How we wished our suitcase could fit it all.

My favourite was the letterpress stamps, I regret not getting a few. 

Another interesting tidbit was coming across this dresser, see the price tag? 

Yup, $695. 

Well I found that exact same dresser on Craigslist, with the same stamp, that sits in my daughter's room for $35. Quite pleased that I was able to get it for such a steal. 

 Vanessa, Nancy, Gabby, Vanessa and Me

Vanessa's, from Damask and Dentelle's van stuffed to the brim with her weekend finds. She visited Christie's the day before. 
What is most exciting is all this stuff is for her new decor show, filmed for Quebec Television, Canal Vie, called Sauvez Les Meubles {which means "save the furniture"}

We enjoyed helping her scout out pieces for the show!

Vanessa was such a sweetheart to take time out of her day to spend it at Aberfoyle with us and to drive to to the airport. Thanks sweets!

After an amazing four days in Toronto, we headed home. Back to reality.....

My reality is.....
This is going to be a busy month in our household. Our oldest is set to graduate in a few weeks. So many things to get ready for that. Aak!


At the end of the month I am excited to share with you a challenge I have been asked to participate in, it is a 6 week room makeover challenge with bloggers all over North America {and I think a few in down under} taking part! My living room/dining room is getting updated! 

Happy Monday...

XO Barbara


  1. Looks like you had a FAB time and it is always so much fun getting to meet great bloggers in person!

  2. Oh thank you Barb for taking so many pictures. I really get a feel for your trip now and pine to go to TO. I just love antiquing!!!!!! Your pics show how much fun you had.

  3. These are great photos Barbara! I am so glad we got to meet in person, hopefully it won't be the last time! :)

  4. What a great time! The pastries look amazing...I think I gained 5 lbs just looking at them. Best wishes to the soon to be graduate. We are now relaxing after a few crazy weeks.

  5. Outdoor markets are so much fun!!! Looks like a great time. :)

  6. What an amazing time you had! Can't believe all you packed into the time you were here!!

  7. Looks like you ladies packed your car full of goodies!

    xo Sara

  8. I loved reading this recap and to see how much fun all of you had together - it really is the true meaning and spirit of blogging being able to establish the relationships through writing and then meeting in person as if you've known each other forever. How fun! You have a busy month ahead Barbara!

  9. Love reading all about your great time at Blogpodium. And I'm so envious of your time at the market. That's a great way to spend a day or as least as many hours as you can spare ;-)

  10. Such a fun post, and such a fun visit! You totally beat me to Aberfoyle...I must make it this summer :)

  11. What a fun post! Vintage/antique is so my weak spot, and oh how I wish we had those open air markets out here! I'm so happy for you with all this goodness happening at once, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for your challenge!

  12. Fabulous recaps Barbara! You managed to see many of the best parts of Toronto in your whirlwind tour. Hope you scored at Aberfoyle.

  13. so much fun Barbara!! Wish I was in town that weekend to join you ladies for all these exciting highlights! Funny how I actually don't know of that newly opened coffee shop near Ryerson and also didn't know that Loblaws sells macroons!

    Aberfoyle could be a hit and miss sometimes and you have got to know your stuff (i.e. prices) to avoid falling into traps. Hats off to your $65 CL finds. I love kijiji and had scored so many great pieces from it for a steal!

    Can't wait to see you ladies again. I am seriously planning a trip to the West Coast. .. maybe in 2013 :)

  14. Looked like a lot of fun :) Happy to see so many talented bloggers hanging out!

    *Tania @

  15. oh you are SO darling Barbara! looks like a blast!

  16. Your photos are amazing! Love that one of my nose! So great to finally meet you and hang out with you at Aberfoyle. Wish you lived closer so we could do it regularly!


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