Friday Musings

I have postponed my So Canadian eh? until next Friday. 

It has been one of those weeks. I have so much on my plate right now that frankly I am behind on scheduling guests for the series. I have been teaching-on-call, which surprisingly has been busy since the school year is almost over. Then I am on my eldest daughter's After Grad committee, in charge of the food for the event. For those who don't know what an After Grad is, it is the all night party after the Prom that parents put on in an alcohol free environment. We put together all sorts of entertainment, dancing, prizes and have a car to give away!

And with that comes the graduation itself, I have family coming to celebrate the event, final dress fittings, hair appointments, food prep, etc. Weepy moments in Walmart while trying to pick a card for her. 

Sorry peeps.

Another random item but yet so important....

For my regular readers {and any new ones - welcome!}, if you saw your blog on my blog roll and now you don't, well.....don't think I did that on purpose. I didn't. When I got a custom domain name, and the blog transferred over, I lost my blog roll.


 I have been building it up slowly.

I love keeping track of all the Canadian blogs that are out there, so if you are a Canadian blogger {and American too} and you think your blog should be on my blog roll, leave me a comment and I'll be sure to add it to the list! 

Also I am always looking for fabulous Canadians to feature in my So Canadian eh? series, drop me an email, markovadesigninc{at}gmail{dot}com, if you think you would be a good fit! I would love to feature you.

We finally have a sunny day, albeit short-lived as the rain comes back tonight.....
I am tired of the rain and chilly temps, but the slugs are having a partay in the garden, two cucumbers gone.

Hoping for some sunnier weather so I can take photos of my son's room which is pretty much finished.
No room is ever done, always an evolving process, but I figured I'd start sharing some rooms in the house.

And last but not least, just to add more busyness to my life...

I am heading off to run errands as I volunteer at a track meet ALL weekend.
No rest for the weary.

Have a fab weekend.


XO Barbara


  1. Ummmm, hello. I don't see my blog on your roll lady. Some partner in crime you are:) Take a deep breath and know that it will soon be over. Is there seriously a car being given away??? Boy, how times have changed huh? Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. just breathe beautiful Barbara...just breathe.

  3. HI Barb...didn't look @ the roll but just wanted to remind you I am a fan!
    So exciting & exhausting grad years are (I did henna tattoos one year & bathroom checks another...wooooh!)...but I know you are a fabulous organizer! ...and the night will be a hit! Food is one of THE most important things!
    So excited to see the sun today and know you are well thought of and hope your weekend will be a running & jumping success....where r u ..I could run you over a latte if you are here!???

  4. Hey Barb! I am new to your blog, but I love it. I love finding other Canucks.

    Do you wanna take a look at my blog and see if it is worthy of your roll??

  5. Hi Barb!I was thinking about you yesterday when you were tweeting about the cold weather. I can only imagine that I will be sniffling in Walmart for the same reason in 2 years time! I feel for you! Enjoy your grad celebratins and take care of yourself and slow down when you can! Angie xo

  6. Yikes! You ARE busy!! Next month you will be living the life my dear... just keep thinking about July. ;)

  7. What a special time of year. Congrats on your graduate and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  8. Congratulations to your daughter, it's bittersweet isn't it? BTW, I found something last summer called Bugetta (sp?)at Lowes that isn't great for getting rid of slugs. You sprinkle these little pellets around the perimeter of your plants and the slugs eat those instead of your plants. Worked great last year and I bought more this year.

  9. Hi Barb!

    After stalking blogs for several years, I decided to bite the bullet and start my own. It is definitely, a work in progress. I was happy to find your blog awhile back, as you have introduced me to so many fellow Canadian blogs. Thank you for that!


  10. aren't you super busy!! Another month or so, right?? Good luck with after grad (mine was definitely NOT alcohol free...but we had Quebec just over the border from Ottawa where the drinking age was 18 :) ) Have fun and enjoy seeing your daughter graduate!

  11. I hope you're enjoying every second of this crazy time of life! I'm not Canadian but would love to be added to your blog roll! Enjoy your weekend, Barbara!

  12. Hi Barbara! I hope even through all the craziness and the busy-ness you can take a moment and enjoy it and have fun with your daughter in this special time. Congrats! What a milestone. I'm feeling kind of insane this last week as well. Even though it is all good stuff I can't wait to have a calm moment!

    Nancy x

  13. Aw sweetie, it sounds like you need serious down time. I've got an idea ..... should we go for pedi's instead on Thursday? Anywhere out your way that you know of? Or are you one of those phobia types?

  14. You deserve a break today! I hope you find some time to catch your breath and recharge a little :-)


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