So Canadian Eh?

I have decided to switch scheduling for my So Canadian eh? series and will be switching to Fridays.  So please visit this Friday when another Canadian designer and TV personality comes for a visit!

But today I an going to give you a few highlights from this series that has been on the blog for 15 months! 
This series was started in February 2011, one that I had decided to start over Christmas 2010, when I felt that we Canadians needed a presence in the blogging scene. After blogging for a year, I felt I wanted to use my blog to highlight Canadian talent that is found not only on Canadian soil but worldwide.

My first So Canadian eh? feature was the ever so amazing Lindsay from The Little House Blog and the founder of Penny People Designs. What fun it has been ever since!

Lindsay Stephenson

 Oh the people I have met and interviewed!!

Over the course of 15 months I have had the most freakingly amazing opportunity to interview design icons I have admired for years - a dream come true. It took a bit of bravery to reach out and ask, what would be the worse that could happen? They could say no. But that was NOT the case, they agreed!

Some design idols of mine that I had a chance to "chat" with:

Christiane Lemiuex, co-founder and creative director of DwellStudio.

Tommy Smythe, designer extraordinaire.

Tommy Smythe

Photo: Rob Fiocca

Margot Austin, Senior Design Editor Canadian House and Home.

Margot Austin | Photo: Donna Griffith

Meredith Heron, Interior Designer and former HGTV Canada personality.

Meredith Heron

Brian Gluckstein, Interior Designer and founder of Gluckstein Home.

Brian Gluckstein

Cobi Ladner, former Editor-In-Chief Canadian House and Home, founder of cobi style.

Cobi Ladner

Michelle Lloyd and Christine Ralphs, Principal designers at Lloyd Ralph's Design.

Lloyd Ralphs

Alanna Cavanagh, illustrator and artist.

Alanna Cavanagh

Janis Nicolay, photographer.

Janis Nicolay

And then I have had fun getting to know bloggers and talent from far and near.

Local bloggers, talent and designers such as....

Tracy Ayton Edwards, photographer.

Tracey Ayton Edwards

Karla Amadastu photos: Janis Nicolay

Colleen Sawatsky from The Vintage Home

Victoria Lambert from Edin's House and now co-blogging at DTTD

Maria Killam, Colour Expert and blogger at Colour Me Happy

Michelle Morelan, Interior designer

Michelle Morelan Design

Michelle Mollinga, from i dream of chairs

Then bloggers from across Canada and who live abroad....

Christine Dovey

Brittany  from Gallery No. Eight, Toronto, Ontario

Danielle Oakey, from Danielle Oakey Interiors, Utah.

Danielle Oakey

Tania LaCaria, from Passport 2 Design, Panama.

Carissa Erickson from The Fabulous Design File, Saskatchewan.

Sarah McMillan from Prarie Perch, Saskatchewan

Emma Reddington from The Marion House Book, Toronto, Ontario.

Emma Reddington

Tim Lam from The Design Maze, Toronto, Ontario.

Tim Lam

Jennifer Flores from Rambling Renovators

My list has gotten quite long, there are so many more that you can read on my So Canadian eh? page.

I am very excited about my upcoming line-up which has a even more amazing Canadian designers and bloggers! 

Thank-you for all of you who stop by and read not only this series but my blog as well. Love how many of you have become such great friends!

Have a fabulous week ahead.

Come back tomorrow as I share VERY exciting news.

XO Barbara


  1. WOW...that is quite the lineup! So much talent up there!!! Keep it up.

  2. I'm so glad you took a chance and approached these talented designers and bloggers. It's been amazing following you through this series and I'm so excited for you that you've experienced such fabulous feedback from design icons! Looking forward to checking in on Friday's! Cheers!

  3. It's such a fun series, Barbara. I was so pleased and honoured to be part of it, so thank you! I'm looking forward to hearing the big news! Nice to see you the other day!

  4. Who would say no to you B? Thank you so much for doing these fabulous interviews, it's nice getting to know who's behind all of this talent and what they're all about. Looking forward to more, more, more!!!

  5. I love this series. It is so fabulous to see Canadian designers ... professional and otherwise. We have a fabulous sense of style.

  6. I've been enjoying your series!! Keep going, keep going :)

  7. If it weren't for your series Barbara, I would have missed out on some great Canadian talent. Love learning more every week...I will be tuning in every Friday!

  8. SUch an impressive series, barbara!! Looking forward to it continuing on Fridays!

  9. I will definitely be checking in to hear you news. I love good news!

  10. You have shared incredible interviews with us, and I am so grateful for each and every one you bring our way. I love learning more about our Canadian design talent, whether they're big names or new kids on the block! And I applaud you for being fearless, for stepping out and for taking this leap of faith. What an amazing journey, and we get to share it with you. THANK YOU, Barbara!!!

  11. Can't wait to discover more Canadian Designers, thank you!

  12. What a great recap of the amazing series and all the incredible talents you have featured over the past 15 months! Congrats and so honoured to be included on your list Barbara!

    Can't wait to chat with you in person at BlogPodium!!


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