My Morning at The Cross

April 4, 2012

Last Friday I was invited to a VIP viewing of the spring collection at The Cross. The Cross is a fabulously pretty store in Yaletown, a funky hub of downtown Vancouver.

Dripping with pretty The Cross did not disappoint. We were treated to the most amazing banana bread and tea served in the most gorgeous tea cups. Not only did we get to hear Stephanie Vogler, co-owner of The Cross share with us her design inspirations behind the latest furniture and finds at The Cross but we got to chat, catch up and meet fabulous bloggers, photographers and local TV celebrities!

Couldn't think of a more perfect way to spend my Friday!

After the mini presentation we got to browse and take in all the gorgeousness in the store. Ahh...I need to win the lottery so I can buy to my heart's content in this store.

Every corner and nook is filled with pretty.

  Here is my "mom cave" sofa. Can you just imagine having a room all of your own with this coral tufted beauty?

I want that black industrial pendant in my kitchen! My only concern is how often would I have to dust?

And guess who else I met? Kerry from First Time Fancy and her adorable cherub of a daughter, Halle. Kerry is making the move from Toronto to Vancouver and I invited her to come to meet a few of the amazing bloggers that make Vancouver their home and to visit the store!

And  the icing on the cake {on top of going out for lunch with some fabulous blogging friends} was coming home with a swag bag FULL of amazing stuff. My fav - the Voluspa Candle!

* Funny story about the candle. I had it lit that evening and my husband asks if I was cooking ham? He thought the candle smelled like baking ham - he needs his nose checked!

Next time you are in Vancouver - head down to The Cross, even if you don't plan on buying anything, that store is a delight just to walk through!

XO Barbara


  1. Oh i definitely plan to visit when I come out in the summer!

  2. That Is my kind of day!!!! Lunch and pretty things:). Great news about winning the kitchen design! You deserve it girl.

  3. What an amazing morning. You're soooo lucky Barbara. These goodies are so pretty. Love it all!
    Cheers. Amy
    Ps. Congrats again on co-winning the Aya Kitchens Contest. So excited for you ;)

  4. Isn't it the greatest store!! I love it, so dreamy!

  5. Everything is just SO gorgeous at The Cross! I'm adoring that coral sofa too!

  6. I love The Cross. It has been a few years since I've been to Yaletown and I think it's time to head back!

  7. I think I already mentioned earlier... I'm just a few shades of green ;-) So many gorgeous things in a great setting, on a fab outing! And I love that black pendant, too :-)

  8. Baking ham???? Yuck.... It was good hanging with ya and congrats again on the win!

  9. I've never made it there in person, but I haunt their site! Such a great aesthetic. what a sweet pic of Kerry anther little girl!

  10. Love the store!! will definitely need to check it out when I do finally make my way to the west coast!!

    congrats again Barbara for winning the trip to Toronto for Blogpodium! can't wait to meet you in person finally!

  11. I've been wanting to visit Vancouver to shop at The Cross for years! It's still on my list - it's just taking me a while to get there! It looks like it's filled to the brim with prettiness :)

  12. It's one of my very favourite Vancouver shops. You're right when you say that every single corner is filled with something amazing!

  13. favourite would be that delicious butter dish!!

  14. I'm just getting around to reading your post! It was so fun, and so glad I finally got to meet you! :) My post should be going up this week... and I hope it's okay if I steal a few of your photos since I didn't get any! OOPS!

    Thanks again for inviting me Barbara! I had so much fun - looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks when we are back out that way!! :)

  15. I love visiting there! Gorgeous gorgeous items waiting to be explored. Lovely post!


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