Three Trends for Spring

April 12, 2012

With the amazing spring weather upon us here on the "wet" coast, it is hard not to get energized about freshening things up at home! What better way to add a bit of zing to the decor than to switch things up.

Recently Style at Home came out with what they see as the Three Top Trends for spring and I couldn't agree more.

#1 Florals

What better way to bring the outdoors in than with flowers! Lately I have been seeing this trend pop up everywhere! Currently I am trying to soften things up for the eldest daughter's room with a bit of floral. Hoping to find fabric to make a few pillows and take the edge off of the black and white theme happening in her room.

Hoping to find something like this pillow I saw at The Cross:

or these.

#2 Coloured Glass

Coloured glass is a perfect way to add a bit of water colour into the home. Not only does it add pops of colour but the translucency of glass adds shimmer and depth. This look could be so easily to achieved by simply collecting bottles from the thrift stores or by painting bottles with various colours to get the opaque look. Grouped together they make such an impact.

#3 Orange

As Pantone's colour of the year, orange has come front and center. A juicy and vibrant colour it can take be the dominant colour or be added in small doses to add freshness to a space. I personally I am a red kind of gal but love the juiciness that orange creates!

What trends are your incorporating into your home. Or what other trends do you see popping up everywhere?

XO Barbara


  1. I love plank ceilings. I have installed 2 ceilings, and a wall. I'm not done, and won't rest until I have planked my entire house...ok, not every room.

  2. All definitely scream "Spring has arrived!"

  3. I love these trends. I saw some gorgeous handpainted silk floral pillows here last week and one of them would be a beautiful splurge for our sofa :)

  4. I love all of these trends! I've been trying to bring in a few small pops of orange here and there - mostly in fabric so that I can always change it out again if I decided it's not for me. I love the florals too - those purple florals in the bedroom are gorgeous!

  5. Yay for spring! I like everything, especially the colored glass.

  6. Love the watercolour pillows! I must check out HomeSense for these... the source mentioned in Style at Home's latest issue.
    Have a lovely day, Barbara!

  7. Those glass vases and that ceiling are so fantastic - great finds! Thanks so much for sharing the trends, Barbara :)

  8. Great post Barbara, I loved the photos - especially the florals!

  9. I'm so glad it's spring too! These blossoms don't encourage my allergies so I love them! Glad to meet you Barbara! We're neighbors across the straight!

  10. I'm a flower gal and as you know, I'm a black and white gal too who can't commit to color so I find myself bringing in the blooms from outside now that we finally have some. Or buy them at the store. During the winter months I bring in berries or just plain sprigs for the greenery. What a pretty post.

  11. It's no coincidence that fashion and interior go hand in hand. If you want it in your home you often enjoy wearing it... floral print and bright colors are big this season. Beautiful blog! (First time here....looking forward to returning.)

  12. I'm loving the coloured glass, and that first image is stunning! I also love the bedroom image - it's so cheerful and bright. Right now, I'm using cut flowers for my pop of colour... but I have a can of orange tango-ish paint just waiting to be cracked open. Who knows where it'll show up? ;-)

  13. great trend report! I've seen a very similar floral at HomeSense for less, and man I just love that orange desk and the orange grasscloth on the ceiling!! What a fun way to inject orange in the room.

    You will just have to see what I'm cooking up for Spring this year!

  14. Just lovely!! Those florals'are the perfect take on the trend

  15. Love this post! And love FLORAL :)


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