So Canadian eh? : Sundeep from Designwali

Another amazing guest is here at hodge:podge this week. Please give a warm......

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 Sundeep from Designwali

She is.....

Sundeep, the author behind Designwali, a blog dedicated to design and all that's glamourous with a South Asian twist is not only one intelligent gal but has a flair for design. And I didn't think that someone else could adore paisley as much as me!

Despite working in a demanding job, and being a mom, Sundeep manages to dig up design inspiration and all that's pretty on her blog. She has a real knack for finding the most amazing jewelry! This girl sure knows her bling.

She definitely has an eye for design - check out her home! Love the whole "cool-girl-on-the-street" vibe it gives off!

I can't wait to meet Sundeep when I head to Blogpodium next month with my pal Nancy!

Tell us a bit about yourself? Your background? Education? Have you always been drawn to design?

I think I've always had a love for design. I used to spend all day drawing houses/rooms as a kid and enjoyed decorating my room {sure decorating meant Johnny Depp & Jen and the Holograms all over the place, but you catch my drift). So I suppose it's a little odd that my professional and academic life really has had nothing to do with design. Perhaps there is a cultural influence at work her, as the "arts" was always considered hobby material and not a career choice. So in some respects it was never an option and frankly, my 18 year old self didn't know any better. Fast-forward a decade or so later, and with a few degrees in hand I now reside in the Finance and IT world, but find myself constantly drawn to the interior design scene.

What made you decide to start a blog?

My sister. I think I chewed her ear off with all my ramblings of chairs, wallpaper and paint colours. She knew before I did that I needed a creative outlet and a connection into a community that would give me my design fix. She was right.

You blog has a fabulous South Asian flavour, do you find your heritage influences how you decorate your space and what inspires you?

Yes, it does. In my youth I never really thought about it and who knows, maybe I even denied it. But now, I feel I have to have those influences in my home, whether it is through art, fabric or colour. I have the need to make sure this part of who I am is present in my surroundings in some shape or form. I am very much Canadian as I am South Asian and I need these influences to keep my grounded and speak to who I am.

How would you describe your design style?

Depends on the day really, but most days I like a clean contemporary and modern aesthetic with a splash of South Asian flavour for good measure. A bit of gold glam keeps me happy too.

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? Or if there was one blogger you could meet, who would it be?

This is a tough one. Almost all of the folks you feature on your "So Canadian eh?" series are on my list. Huge fan of BG {Brian Gluckstein}. I've seen him live as a part of TV audiences and even at our last Canadian Design Bloggers event in Toronto..but do you think I have the nerve to go up to him and say hello? So sad really because I do have a backbone but with a BG in the just disappears! Yep, I turn into a 13 year-old groupie. I also have similar design crushes on Tommy Smythe, Lynda Reeves and Samantha Pynn.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Free what? Between kids, a demanding job, family commitments, blogging, attempts {and I really just mean a mental attempt} to exercise and volunteering to throw local galas I don't have much time to spare. If I have more hours, I know I would bump up my exercise regeiment, maybe a read a book or two and definitely play more with my kids.

Tell us something that would surprise us! 

I used to work in a music store while I was dong my graduate degree in London, UK amongst DJs, writers, artists and musicians. Yes, I was the friendly Canadian IT geek in the store who blasted rock, house and Sarah McLaughlin music throughout the store speakers.

What are your views on the role Canadian design plays in the world design scene? Do you feel that Canadians have a unique sense of style and design, and if so, what is it that you think sets us apart?

I think Canadian designers are mindful of their environment, nature and each other. There is a strong element of respect and diversity in Canadian design, which I believe undoubtedly, sets us apart. If anyone doesn't believe me, read all of Barbara's "So Canadian, eh?" series... and you'll see for yourself.

Thanks so much Barbara for having me {seriously, I'm chuffed that you would even think me and my itsy bitsy blog was even worthy to be interviewed!} It has been loads of fun and I only hope that one day my little design ramblings will land me in a place where I can be immersed in the Canadian design scene all day long!

Sundeep, loved that you were able to find time to participate. So glad you did, as I loved getting to know the woman behind Designwali! I can relate to not really embracing my heritage and truly understanding how it shaped the way I view the world and the way I decorate my home. I now find that those years pass by that it is what makes me me!

XO Barbara


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  7. I was lucky enough to meet Sundeep in January, at the Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup, but it was fabulous to learn more about her through this interview. She has amazing style and is a fantastic person: funny and so kind.

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