Friday Musings

What a week! Have not had time to write up posts because

A: I am not organized 
B: I worked this week
C: was busy sewing roman blinds for my sister's mother-in-law 
D: When I had free time all the computers in the house were held hostage by children and husband. 

Have you tried writing a post in an iPhone? Not easy my friends.

Here is a peek at what has kept me busy this week. 

I made 3 custom roman blinds. Took me forever....tried to do my absolute best since it will be hanging in someone else's home. My sister's mother-in-law recently gave her kitchen a spruce up, stripped down the floral wallpaper from the 80's and painted her walls Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn blue. I then made these blinds for her from the gorgeous fabric she chose. Hope they like them as I deliver them today on my way home from this:

Wahoo! I am going to hang out with a few local blogging friends and take in all the beautiful things The Cross has in shop!


XO Barbara


  1. The roman blind fabric is beautiful! Hope you enjoy your event, you lucky girl!

  2. You are a busy lady, indeed! The fabric is beautiful, and next to that paint colour it'll look awesome. Have fun at The Cross... not gonna lie, I'm just a teensy bit jealous ;-) xo Sheila

  3. Love that fabric. You are so nice to do all that work for your sister's Mother-In-Law. That's a lot of "once removed".

  4. You always have gorgeous fabric going on Barbara and that one is beautiful! I'm sure you had fun at your event, it sounds fabulous!

  5. Stop being so hard on yourself girlfriend!!!! It was soo nice to see you yesterday, I always enjoy hangin with my blogger bud and that lunch was a fabulous time to catch up with everyone.

  6. That fabric is LOVELY!!! Will you show us how it looks up. please?

  7. Hope you are enjoying the weekend Barbara. It must feel great to be finished with the Roman blinds!

  8. Hi Barbara! I continue to be in total awe of your sewing skills. The roman blinds look amazing, and I bet she'll be thrilled with them. Have a great time at the meet-up!

  9. I admire your sewing skills. I never got past pillows.....then I lent my machine to my sister and still haven't gotten it back! Can't wait to see them up.


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