Custom Ikea Ektorp Tullsta Slipcover from Comfort Works

When Comfort Works contacted me if I wanted to review a slipcover, I jumped at the chance!!

Being an avid sewer, I know that I could make myself a slipcover but they are soooo incredibly time consuming. 

I had several pieces in the house that could use a little sprucing up. The timing couldn't be more perfect.
Comfort Works specializes in slipcovers for Ikea furniture, but they can also make custom slipcovers as well.

If you want contrast stitching, that can be done.
Contrast piping? Yes.
Embroidery? Yes.
Custom pleats? Yes.
Baseball stitching? Yes.
Constrast seat fabric? Yes.

Don't have Ikea furniture? No problem they can cover other sofa models, from stores such as Pottery Barn or other. They will just walk you through the process to make sure you get the perfect fit.

Just let them know what you want, send photos and they can work their magic.

I decided to give my Ikea Ektorp Tullsta Slipcover a bit of spruce-up.

It had been relegated to the family room, a room I am slowly re-vamping and getting a new slipcover for the armchair was perfect!

The original zipper had fallen apart {my pet peeve about Ikea slipcovers} and it was looking a bit worse for wear.

After the Comfort Works team worked their magic....

A brand new chair!


I chose Lino Brushed linen which is a nice thick, nubby linen. Perfect for this small cozy reading nook.

I love the extra details of piping and top stitching.
It is so well sewn with a sturdy zipper.

The slipcover can be washed too...that is music to my ears. With a droolly chocolate lab in the house who like to wipe his face after eating along the furniture, that was a bonus!

The fun part was choosing the fabric. Their website helps you visualize what it will look like.

First you pick the style.

Then you pick the type of fabric and they show you how it will look like!

I had fun with all the different options. I then settled on Lino Brushed Linen, it is fantastic "raw" looking linen in greige.

After the process was quite easy, I simply emailed a photo of what I wanted the piece to look like and chose not to add any custom options, I liked it simple and plain. 

Then a week later, the package arrive on my doorstep in a lovely velvet black bag!

Their prices are reasonable, my slipcover would of cost about $200US, as are their shipping costs, about $25 worldwide!

I am one happy customer.

So if you need a slipcover in the near future give Comfort Works a try for they are offering my readers
FREE shipping if you order.

Like Comfort Works on Facebook and leave a comment here saying you did so,
the send an email, who will then email you the code.
Happy shopping.

* I received the slipcover for my review. The opinion is entirely my own.

XO Barbara


  1. This turned out so great Barbara! Thanks so much for the review. Will definitely keep them in mind for future projects. xo

  2. You're right, this is really great. And the fabric looks very durable. Always looking for a good slipcover resource (since I can't sew!) so thanks.

  3. I think one of my favorite things in the world are slipcovers. I'm going to write this info down and keep it with me because there are always instances where you need to re-slipcover something ...... at least in my house. I have two dining room chairs that needed new slip covers. (Parsons chairs) so I was lucky to get ikea ones that actually fit my chairs but I know I could've done better by buying custom. The price sounds pretty fair too.

  4. wow love it Barb! I will for sure keep Comfort Work in mind if I need to recover an IKEA piece! love the fabric and pipping options ... simply fab!

    I also love your pillow ... you may see me doing just that with my new found favourite fabric. AND Barb!! Where did you find that gorgeous blue and white stool?? Love it!

  5. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful resource. I love being able to incorporate inexpensive ikea items into my clients decor, and this is just the way to take it up to the next level.

  6. Slipcovers are great! I love that you can extend the life of a piece of furniture and they are washable! Hello! to an easy update. The fabric you chose looks of a good quality and durable...just right. Thanks for the review.

  7. Looks like a brand new chair. I might try them for our Karlstad chair. My little guy loves it and it is getting its fair use. Thanks for the review. Love your pillows.

  8. I'm waiting for my free swatches to arrive before ordering a slipcover from them, so I'd love free shipping! I already like them on Facebook.

  9. Oh my gosh, I found chairs just like those in a back alley near our house and have been wondering where to find slipcovers for them. They are currently sitting in my basement taking up space waiting until we do the library area. Now I know where to get some awesome slipcovers, I am so excited. Thank you for this post. I love them.

  10. It looks great in the new cover!! And I love the styling you did for that after pic! :)

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