Guest Contributor: Emily A. Clarke

Today I am participating in Emily's "Send me a Picture" series along with other fabulous bloggers, a few of which are Canadians!

We were asked to send in a picture of the Last Thing we Hung on our Wall.

I love Emily's blog, Emily A. Clark. Her sense of style is just up my alley and I love how she mixes a bit of DIY, Craigslist finds and new to create fabulous spaces. My favourite has to be her home office that I posted about a few weeks ago.

Hop over to see the last thing I hung on my wall!

XO Barbara


  1. Love the gallery wall! We also love Emily's blog, her design is fantastic! We are enjoying yours as well!

  2. Barbara, Thanks for linking back! And, for participating in my post :)

  3. Oh i really love it!!!!

  4. Love your gallery wall Barb! (And all the other ideas over @ Emily A. Clark) :0) Keeping my eyes open for an "M" like yours.

  5. This post and your wall has been a source of inspiration for me because I want to do a gallery along our plate rail in the dining room. I can't decide to get all the same type of frames or go with different ones... I just know that I want them to be all different sizes. Just leaning against the wall.


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