Guest Posting at 10 Rooms: Crushing on Colour

Hello my lovelies. It is back to regular schedule of life, after 3 weeks of no school, I am glad to be back to routine. Three weeks, you ask? Yes, there was a teacher's strike just before we left on our vacation, then regular 2 week spring break. Feels good to get back to routine. I know the routine will get "old" come June, but for now it is most welcome!

Today you can find me at Anne-Marie's blog 10 Rooms where I take part in her Crushing on Colour series.

You will have to guess which colour I have a crush on, maybe you already know that answer!

XO Barbara


  1. I love that you have defined your style so precisely that I know for sure what the colour is before I even get there. It's a trademark of all great designers to have a look right?

  2. Welcome back Ms. Barbara! Do you have the most beautiful sun tan?

    We are in Spring break next week - where will you be?

    Warm hugs to you,



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