AYA "BlodPodium Bound" Kitchen Contest

I am beyond excited to share with you my dream kitchen I designed for the AYA "BlogPodium Bound" Kitchen Contest. I would LOVE to attend BlogPodium The Business of Blogging Conference in May but with hundreds of kilometres between Vancouver and Toronto and cost of the weekend standing in my way, I decided to enter this fabulous contest in hopes of winning a flight, BlogPodium ticket and accommodations!

 What a dream it would be to finally meet those amazing bloggers out east that I have been in touch with for so long. Not to mention to hob nob with companies that would like to work with us! And the icing on the cake would be to hear the every so lovely Nicole Balch from Making it Lovely!

My fingers and toes are crossed!

I don't have fancy schmancy illustrators or Photoshop, so I just put together my dream kitchen using plain ol' PowerPoint.

Putting together my dream kitchen using Aya's products along with my own additions was incredibly gratifying and exciting! I spent many hours browsing AYA's website, inspired by all their kitchen designs. And this is what I came up with:


#13: Kitchenaid Pro 500 Series Mixer
#15: Branch Handmade on Esty: 10 Speed Bike Bar Towel Set

Are you surprised? 

    Due to life's hiccups, buying a house is on hold, so a girl can only dream. My dream kitchen would incorporate my favourite colours, black, red and white, along with gads of marble and touches of gold. Paying homage to my Czech heritage, I would add a few European touches to the space, blue onion china along with a set of Thonet chairs to grace the family table. Also a droolicious gas range to whip up meals, along with gorgeous deep farmhouse sink with bicycle print towels to encourage husband to dry dishes. {I said a girl could dream!}

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed, hope it doesn't get too painful.

XO Barbara


  1. Wow Barb - gorgeous! It kind of reminds me of Tommy Smythe's former kitchen that has been around the blogs for awhile. Love all the details especially the faucet,tiles and china that reflects your heritage (hope you get bonus points for that!)

    I don't know who else is entering but I so hope you win! Would love to finally meet you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you Barb!

    1. Sorry Barbara - just realized I keep calling you Barb. Think I do that in our emails too but you have never called yourself Barb. Guess I feel that I know you well!

  2. Can I share your dream with you?! This kitchen looks great!

    My fingers and toes are crossed for you too:)

  3. Ohmigosh Barbara, that kitchen is so beautiful! Love that chevron mosaic floor, its spectacular! And the European touches are perfect. I don't often see padded Thonet chairs. This one with the red is great for lingering around a kitchen table.

    Good Luck Barbara!!!! I would love to see you again.

  4. This is lovely! I like the gold accents- makes it different and fresh. And the wine-coloured Bentwood chair- nice touch!

  5. So pretty, Barbara! Love the sink and ESPECIALLY the tile. Good luck!

  6. Oh Barbara, good luck!!! Your kitchen looks beautiful ..... I know it will be spectacular and win!!! You always win contests, who are you kidding? Fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

  7. Great job you Go-getter!!! Go get 'er, Barbara. You deserve this!!! Good luck, and I'm crossing my fingers and toes right along with you for you :-)

  8. Love your dream kitchen Barbara! Very YOU and I love the subtle humour to get your hubby to dry dishes. Good Luck! You deserve a win like this!

  9. Great design Barbara, best of luck! Would LOVE to finally meet you in person in May!

  10. Love all your choices Barb! You did a beautiful job with everything you picked out. I hope you win!!!

  11. I love your kitchen Barbara! I love the black, white & red, it's gorgeous and totally you! Best of luck :) So happy that they are giving us this chance, yay for including the West coast!!

    Nancy xo

  12. Very nice design, Barbara :-) I love that you've incorporated your Czech heritage into your dream kitchen :-) The bicycle print towels are cute & really unusual - hope your plan to get hubby to help in the kitchen works!


  13. The chevron tile is killer. Love it!

  14. Looooooove your design barbara. I'm with JTay...I'm crazy about that chevron floor!
    Funny thing...I totally was envisioning using that Circa pendant light on my mood board too...but I didn't know the manufacturer and couldn't find it online. Thanks so much for letting me know where this beauty's from! Good luck in the contest Barbara!!!

  15. Barb!! love your kitchen and how it's not all white/grey (my two go-to options). Brass is close to my heart these days as well and don't be surprised if you see that faucet in my kitchen soon! wink!

    best of luck and fingers crossed!

  16. oh my goodness...so excited for YOU Barb!!!
    WEll deserved and very wonderful.
    Have fun sharing the trip with Nancy....you guys will have lots to tell us!

  17. Nothing like dreaming......and that kitchen is so worth dreaming about!!! Beautiful.....


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