Enjoying Some Sun

For this past week our family has been enjoying some sun down south! Our summer in Vancouver has been so disappointing, cool, cloudy and rainy. We decided to escape to sunny California where we have been enjoying the sun!

Bear with me as I most likely won't be posting again until Sunday when another stupendously talented Canadian comes to visit! There are so many amazing Canadians, my list is long!

**edited Sunday, August 31. Finally got some free wi-fi and my So Canadian eh? post isn't quite ready. My family is waiting for me to grab breakfast so we can head on the road back home!
What a long drive home!

Hugs to all.

XO Barbara 


  1. Lucky you! Enjoy the sunshine...hopefully it will come out to stay up here by the time you get home!
    ~Lily from Birch + Bird http://www.birchandbird.com

  2. Oh yeah thanks for leaving us here! Really though, have a wonderful time and soak up that sunshine!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful! The colours are amazing. I hope you have a great time and soak up all the sunshine that you can :-)

  4. Hope you are having a wonderful time! Enjoy the sunshine!

  5. have a great time and soak it up! After 4 years of rainy summers in Ireland, I totally know how it can get you down :)

  6. Enjoy your holiday Barbara. It looks amazing.

  7. Ooh...that photo looks delightful!! Have fabulous trip ;) Enjoy the sun!

  8. Oooooh lucky lucky! Hope you all enjoyed your time in California! :)

  9. Oh you are coming home to SUN!...
    wow picture there!

  10. Hello,
    You commented awhile back to let me know about a blogger meet-up! I'm just getting around to doing some more blogging as we had a very busy spring. I'm enjoying your blog especially considering you are from Vancouver. Isn't it nice that we are getting some sun now? That beach looks amazing!!!


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