Summer : Hanging out at the Beach

Today I am taking part in Gallery No. Eight's blog crawl.

The blog crawl is all about summer.

With warmer weather FINALLY here in Vancouver I finally feeling enthusiastic about summer.

Growing up on the west coast, my summers were filled with visits to the beach, trips on ferries crossing the straight, beach combing for the perfect shell, building sand castles, feeling the squishy sand between my toes and feeling the sun on my body as I tanned.

Goosespit Beach, Comox, BC

 As a child I loved heading to the beach with my parents, as a teenager my friends and I would spend our summers hanging out at the beach, walking the promenade and cruising up and down the front street in our parent's cars. 

White Rock, BC

During college {during which I discovered my love for marine ecology} I worked for Environment Canada and my job was a research assistant to two marine biologists where I spent a summer mucking about the shorelines of Vancouver and Victoria. 

White Rock, BC

After my husband and I married, took a 5 week long trip to Europe, we came home and rented a beach cottage {which was really chilly in the winter} but I loved being so close to the ocean. Listening to the sea gulls cry, the waves lap on the shoreline and children squealing in the hot summer. When I was pregnant with our first and on forced bed rest, living in the beach cottage saved my sanity. I could enjoy summer and the beach sitting on our deck where I soaked up the sun, the salty air and enjoyed the ocean breeze on my face.

Ambleside Beach, West Vancouver, BC

After we had all three of our kids and our moving across provinces and countries began, the one thing I missed the most was the ocean. Every time we landed in Vancouver I would squeal,

"Can you smell it? It's the ocean!"

Horseshoe Bay, BC

Howe Sound, BC

Now that we are back on the west coast, hopefully for a while, it is the ocean that beckons me on that  first warm summer day.

Cannon Beach, OR

 Nothing speaks summer better than a seaside visit....

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XO Barbara

-images are mine (ok, my husband took them} unless otherwise noted


  1. Wonderful post Barbara - you've captured our West (normally Wet) Coast just beautifully!

  2. So gorgeous! I love and miss the West Coast! I haven't been back since my babies were born! 9 years! It's time for a road trip!

  3. Such a great post Barb! We do have a beautiful ocean and lots of great beaches right outside our doors don't we!

  4. Lovely post and gorgeous photos. Having moved away from BC, I definitely miss the mountains and the ocean. Though, not the sand, as the feeling of it on my feet makes my skin crawl (I'm an anomaly).

  5. I'm with you, Barbara... I'm a west coast BC girl at heart: I want water on one side and mountains on the other!!
    Terrific post :-)

  6. Oh my goodness...this post made me miss BC so much- I haven't been in years- far too long it seems!!

  7. Fabulous post Barbara!! I have never been out west (I know I need to go!), and this just makes me want to visit tomorrow!! Hope you have a fabulous summer!!! xo

  8. Fantabulous!!! I love it all, and growing up in Vancouver, I can really relate to all of your images. I am praying our weather is here to stay for a while :)
    Nancy xo

  9. Such lovely images, Barbara! I am also an ocean girl (which is not the same as a pool girl, people!). I love the smell, the sound, the wind and the sand all there for endless play and long walks.

    We will spend a couple of weeks in August in Bandon, OR. I can not wait!

    I will now follow the link to your guest post.

    Warm hugs,


  10. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy after that post! Love it!

  11. I love that ocean smell! A hint of salt, a hint of fish and a hint of seaweed! Smells like home. :)


  12. Do we not live in the most beautiful part of the world! Fabulous post!

  13. Yes! I love the beach favorite vacations have been there. That water looks cold though...brrrrrr!

  14. Such beautiful images of our amazing west coast!
    I'm new to your blog, Barbara, and I'm looking forward to exploring it in more depth.
    Wendi :)

  15. Super good post Barbara! I can feel the warm ocean waves just reading it.


    The Simply Inspired Home

  16. I loved reading about the history of your love for the sea. I have lived in several places (and I am even in the mountains as I write)...but I love the smell of the salt air in the morning. Such lovely photos.

  17. What gorgeous photos of BC. I was in Vancouver back in 1996 and never forgot the province's beauty!


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