A Quick Makeover

November 26, 2012

A few weekends ago during my visit to Spruce Collective, I picked up some amazing lucite knobs to spruce up my bedroom bedside tables. 

We purchased half our furniture at the same time and it all matches.....I know... a bit of a design faux pas. 

Since I don't have the budget to replace things, I have been on the look out for great hardware to change the look of my Ikea bedside tables. Replacing hardware is a great and inexpensive way to add personality and new life to furniture.

Before...all black and matchy.

Now, with a little bling. I just love the new pulls, they had a layer of sparkle to our room.

Aren't they just gorgeous?

I have some catching up to do on my reading, can't wait to find time to read some books I received from the Chapters-Indigo event!

XO Barbara


  1. I love it, they do add some sparkle! Can I ask you how you like your bed? I've been looking at the ikea metal beds similar to yours and wondering if they're sturdy.

  2. Now that is my idea of a makeover. Love it.

  3. So simple but a great update. Every room needs some sparkle!

  4. Looks like someone has been practicing her photography skills. They look super good. Thanks again for such a great day!!!

  5. Such a simple thing but makes great impact. They look awesome Barbara!

  6. I just love your pictures! Very talented!

  7. Love the new knobs, amazing what a little bling will do - great job Barb!
    - Heather

  8. Amazing what a tiny detail change can do! Looks fab!

  9. They look great and I agree with Tracey that it looks like you've been doing some good photography work!!

  10. The knobs, and your photos, look great!! :)

  11. It's amazing what new hardware can do, they can make all the difference, and I love these! So glad I came across your blog, can't wait to see more!

  12. These are really great! I love the shape of them, and what a difference. It's crazy how much a detail like this changes things up! Nice!!!

  13. Your photos are amazing! So jealous of your shutterbug skills, how did you perfect the indoor detail shot?

  14. Ditto what everyone else said! Love the knobs and I wish you lived closer to give my some photography lessons. I'm buying a big-girl camera next year! :)

    1. I am hardly a decent photographer! The key is to shoot in manual and in natural light! I waited until the sun was shining!

  15. Cute knob!! It made such a big difference. And the clock on top of the book is a great touch!


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