So Canadian eh?: Stephanie Vogler from The Cross

 As always, it is such a thrill to interview designers that I have admired for so long! This week's guest has impeccable taste that she brings to her store, The Cross. I am giddy to have Stephanie Vogler visiting this week!


Stephanie Vogler from The Cross

{Darci and Stephanie}

She is...

Stephanie, is the co-owner and creative genius behind The Cross, Vancouver's go-to destination for designers and home decor lovers alike.  Located in the heart of Yaletown, the store drips with gorgeousness, every nook and cranny full of drool worthy goods. It is a must-visit destination for those who simply want to be wowed and blown away. Full of simply pretty things from floor to ceiling, Stephanie and partner, Darci Ilich, have created a successful shop that has design aficionados flocking to take in the latest trend. 

Not only does Stephanie work her magic at her shop but her home, which is beautifully decorated recently was featured in Style at Home's November issue. Simple serene, full of light and sparkle her home is stunning. Renting has not deterred her to bring the magic from her shop over to her home, truly an inspiration to us all!

Tell us a bit about your background? Your education? Has design always been in your blood?

My parents are both entrepreneurs and instilled in me at an early age the value of hard work. I literally grew up in the retail environment, so it’s definitely in the blood.

Straight out of high-school I went to work for my Mom, Valerianne in her bedding shop. We grew the business together and opened five more stores in the span of eight years. I learned so much about the retail environment and my Mom taught me the value of exceptional customer service. Her motto was “the customer is always right” and I have implemented the same philosophy at The Cross. My Mom also gave me creative freedom and encouraged my design development. She always told me “there are no rules”, and I couldn’t agree more. I have no formal design training, my style is all based on instinct. It’s very liberating.

What made you decide to open The Cross, a go-to destination for all things beautiful?

We were inspired to bring a new style to Vancouver and offer exceptional design to everyone. Once we found the perfect location in Yaletown we jumped in with both feet. We committed wholly to the shop and often worked 7 days a week. It was exhausting, but so rewarding!

What have you enjoyed about running a successful store? Not enjoyed?

I love doing the buying and having the creative freedom to design and create my own products.  Seeing my colleagues grow and flourish within the store is also so rewarding for me.
The hardest part is the reality that there is a bottom line. Learning about the numbers (sometimes the hard way) is the least enjoyable part of being an owner.

How would you describe your design style?

Relaxed, Refined, Curated, Whimsical, Evolving.

Where do you find inspiration for your shop and your designs?

I draw inspiration from fabric. I’m a sucker for bold colour combinations, pattern play, layers and texture.

Being surrounded by such fabulous items and design inspiration, how do you decide the direction of the décor of your home?

This is a funny thing to explain. I feel like I am so lucky to be able to fulfill my ultimate design desires in the shop. I call The Cross my laboratory. It’s an explosion of all things beautiful and you can literally get lost in the shop for hours exploring and escaping into the layers and hidden treasures. That being said, I crave a tranquil, peaceful environment at home. White walls, natural table top finishes such as wood or marble and linen upholstery keeps it simple. I keep my palette neutral which allows for quick impulse colour bursts depending on the season. I’m very impulsive!

I understand you rent your home as well? What tips do you have for other renters in approaching the design of their space?

 The first thing we did before moving into this space was to paint it out in Benjamin Moore, Cloud White. I'm not a fan of "builder beige" and I felt that the money spent in painting was well worth it considering that we expected to rent for a minimum of 5 years. The other thing I did was wallpaper the master bedroom wall behind the bed. Yes, it was a splurge, but I felt that given the simplicity of the rest of the bedroom the wall needed some decoration. As an alternative, you could panel a large canvas with wallpaper for a similar effect that you could move to your next residence.
Another thing I urge renters to do is replace the lighting! Investing in a great chandelier or beautiful table lamps can entirely change the look and feel of a room, and you will always take your lighting with you.
I also say, if possible keep your furniture pieces neutral, classic and modular. If you are planning to rent for a while, purchasing flexible pieces will save you from replacing them with every move. 

What is one thing you feel that one can do to inject style into their home without breaking the bank?

When I'm in a mood to change things up in my place I usually start by looking in my cupboards. I'm sure you've all heard "Use what you've got" as a decorating mantra. I will pull items that co-ordinate by colour and create vignettes around the house. Layering books, a great candle, a vintage find with a beautiful flower stem or green sprig usually fulfills my urge for something new. 

I urge my friends and clients to buy things along their travels that they love. Layer, layer, layer and in no time your home will be filled with items you love and it will tell a fantastically interesting story about you! What's more chic than that?

Not only are you a successful entrepreneur but a mom to two as well, how do you balance your business and your family life?

I’m starting to think  balance is a dirty word. Really…is there such thing? The reality is that we do the best that we can do. I aim to be as productive as I can in the time that I’m at work and when I’m home with my kids I try to be the best Mom I can be by being present  with my kids, and enjoying the moment.  I have a fantastic team at work and a great husband, and nanny at home. It really does take a village.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I spend all my free time with my family. You can find us at Jericho beach all summer long and skiing at Whistler during the winter months.
When I have a bit of ‘me time’ I’ll get a massage or pedicure—I try to meditate during the pampering! So relaxing…

Tell us one thing that would surprise us!

I’ve never clipped my kids nails…it freaks me out!

What goals or aspirations do you have for The Cross, where would you like to see your shop in the future?

We have had great success with our design services and we will be growing that end of the business over the next three years.

I can't wait to see what is in store for The Cross. I love stepping through those doors of the shop, and to be transported to a magical place! Thanks for bringing such beauty to Vancouver!

XO Barbara


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