Green with Envy

December 13, 2012

While this is not earth shattering news for most of you since the colour of the year by Pantone has been circulating around social media outlets, but for me it is! The last two years' colours have not really tickled my fancy.

Tangerine, meh....Turquoise...meh...

 But this year's colour - Emerald- I like it.

Deep down I am a red girl, so when that becomes the colour of the year, no one will be tooting red's horn loader than me. But lately I have been thinking of injecting a bit of green into our home. This new trend came along at just the right time. A great way to give me the "kick-in-the-pants" to step out of the whole black, white and red colour scheme. To try something new.

I think green complements red quite nicely. I am itching to paint something green, but with our chilly temperatures, I suspect I might have to wait until early spring to whip out that roller and paint brush. Plans are brewing that may or may not involve an Ikea Rast hack!

This is the colour that I heart by Benjamin Moore:

How about you? What are your thoughts on Pantone's colour of the year? Yay? Or nay?

XO Barbara


  1. I'm with you Barbara - I can work with Emerald but not so much with the others. They said that the "radiant, jewel-toned Emerald promotes balance and harmony" and I'm sure you could make it tie in with your red!

  2. I love this year's colour of the year! Whether it's citron (yellowy-green), peacock (bluey-green) or full on emerald green, I'm always drawn to it and always have been. It's one of my absolutely favourites.

  3. I love Emerald and it's boldness! Wouldn't mind a big shiny one on my finger either. ;)

  4. I'm totally a fan of the emerald green. I think it's definitely a classic - just like the red, white and black.

  5. I was oddly excited when I learned that the colour of the year is emerald. Blue and green are my favourite colours (though, like you, I love red too) and I love, love, love emerald. I can't wait to add some to my home!

  6. The fact that its Pantone's color of the year makes it that much more special. Christmas is upon us so I'm sure those red and green colors are showing up together lots also ;)

  7. I'm still in love with malachite and the choice of emerald this year just means I have more time to do the DIY project I've been admiring before I'm horribly "passe" and "last season" :) I should make some pillows that first pic is inspiring.

  8. I say Yay, Yay and more Yay! I love green and this fresh classic emerald green is beautiful. Definitely much more liveable for me than tangerine.

  9. Glad to see it's emerald and not hunter (I'm not ready for that to come back yet!).

  10. It's such an intense but refreshing hue and your pics definitely inspired me to not forget about it!


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