Dreaming of Christmas, Ikea Style

Ikea Canada recently sent me their guide to Christmas catalogue which is brimming with cozy Christmas ideas. Since I was raised celebrating Christmas European style, Ikea's Christmas products are always appealing to me. The simplicity of the decorations are just up my alley. Their latest inspiration collection has me excited for the upcoming season! My favourite is their sparsely decorated tree, just like how I decorate mine with just a few straw ornaments.

And all that red.......I *heart* red!

I know it is only November 1, but I am getting excited for Christmas!!! 
You know why? 
I will get two weeks off from teaching! And my baby comes from university for 2 weeks over the holidays.

I am slowly coming up for air, this teaching grade 2 gig is starting to work itself out. I still miss my daily blog fix but hubby is glad I am too busy to paint, sew, etc! It means no half-finished projects laying about or rooms being painted. I do hope to work on one project this weekend though! And maybe sneak in a sewing project or two in the next few weeks, maybe once report cards are out of the way!

Thanks for hanging in with me!

XO Barbara


  1. Bring it on!!! Christmas decorations!!

    Pumpkins in the garbage and decorations put away for another year....

  2. I love Christmas decorating...so glad all that yucky Halloween decor is done for another year! Glad to hear that you are settling into the teaching routine. BTW - I'm loving those cute little Ikea lanterns, I have some but I may have to get a couple more!

  3. I love their Christmas products. So simple. I know you will be glad to have your baby home for the holidays.

  4. Bring on the Christmas posts! I always pick up my giftwrap at Ikea. They do the season so well. Good to hear you're settling in!

  5. I love IKEA and love all these pictures! Beautiful Christmas ideas!

  6. I love the traditional red too. Such great Christmas ideas. Your chair from last post will look smashing with that decor!

  7. Would never leave ya!!! I too am looking forward to Christmas this year. Have you seen the Christmas Ikea wrapping paper? So cool because it's felt. Miss ya!

  8. so festive! it is never too early to talk about Christmas ... at least at my house! Did you manage to work on a couple of projects Barb?

  9. this makes me want to head out to Ikea pronto!


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