So Canadian Eh? : A Few Highlights

First of all I want to thank all of you who support my blog with your daily visits and comments! And to those that visit the Canadians that I feature every week. It has been so enjoyable getting to know the amaze-balls talent that we have in this vast country of ours!

This week I want to take a moment to highlight some interviews I have done these past 20 months, especially for those newest followers! If you want to see my ever growing list, you can find it here.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing the famous and not-so-famous but yet equally fabulous designers, bloggers, artists, photographers and businesses.

Several favourites have been.....

Suzanne Dimma, Editor-In-Chief of Canadian House and Home, whom I have met on several occasions and who is as elegant in person as she appears in the magazine.

Photo: Sophie Conrad

The witty and enthusiastic Tommy Smythe, who I finally met in September during our Blend event.

Brian Gluckstein, designer, home furnishings and housewares guru!

{a lot of people don't realize she is Canadian!}

Samanath Pynn, HGTV design host and decorator

Photo: Tim Leyes Courtesy of RTR Media Inc.

Meredith Heron, design goddess and former HGTV host.
She so kindly gave me a tour of her design studio while I was in Toronto in May. With her dynamic personality and fabulous talent, I suspect we shall hear more about her in the future. Her work is spectacular and simply divine!

What fun it has been to not only interview but meet several of my design idols over the past year, one of the BEST parts of having this blog! I have been trying hard not to come across as stalker-ish, playing it cool when I contacted them either in person or through their PR agencies. Hard not to get tongue tied, even though I have not interviewed over the phone, but still find it hard to put onto "paper" all you want to know.

And then when you finally meet them in person, you clam up, kind of like in high school when you finally have that chance to talk to the cute guy you have had the deepest crush on and then no words come out.......

 And not only have I met some of my design idols but I have met amazing bloggers from across this country, many of whom I now consider great friends. Another great aspect about blogging!

Don't forget to pop over to my So Canadian eh? page for some fabulous weekend reading!

XO Barbara


  1. What an amazingly talented list Barbara and you've done a fabulous job interviewing them!

  2. holy smokes when you stack 'em all together like that in one post it's a pretty awesome list! I love your 'so Canadian, eh' feature - you do such an amazing job with it. Thanks for keeping me in the Canadian design know and for all the time, energy and passion you put into each interview. xo

  3. Barb, you really have interviewed all the top designer stars in Canada! I've loved your interviews. Looking forward to reading your next post.
    Hope all is well. Have a nice weekend!

  4. It is something to see all the great Canadians in design you have featured. Makes me proud to be a Canadian! Thanks Barb, and have a great weekend.

  5. Thank you Barb, for all of your fabulous interviews and your So Canadian, Eh? series. Through you, I feel like I know each and every one of your interviewees. It's always a pleasure to see who you scout out next! Yay for Canadian talent!

  6. Great interviews Barb! Thank you for the recaps, what a fantastic list of people you have interviewed. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :) - Heather

  7. Love the interviews...there IS a lot of talent North of the Border! ;)

  8. Seriously you have had such an amazing lineup, I feel honored to have been over here in this series!! You should be proud!

    Barbara I hope your teaching prep is getting more manageable, mine is slightly crazy, hence the lack of commenting! Just trying to keep my head above water I guess. But I am learning A LOT and for that I feel thankful. Hope I'm going to see you soon?? Are you going to the cross this week?

    Nancy xox


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